A day in the life

Trucker has just pulled in to start loading up. See the windmill? Behind that is where Big Boss spent the first 2 years of his life. NO, not in a cow pen! There was a frame house there once.

I was up early this AM and not by design.  I got a horrible leg cramp around 4:30 and hit the floor running/limping…whatever. Obviously, I didn’t drink enough water. I tried going back to sleep. After all, it was just 5, by then, so I crawled back into my still warm bed.  I laid there.  And I turned. And twisted. Alarm goes off.  Wait, I didn’t set the alarm to go off. Grrr. Get up to stop alarm.  Yes, I have to get up to do that.  If it’s too close to the bed, I’ll turn it off and go right back to sleep. What can I say?

So, for the second…or is it the third?…time I get back into the bed.  Think about what I have to get done today.  Pray.  Wonder where my phone is?  Does it need charged?  Did I return that call yesterday afternoon?  Heck, I might as well get up.  Make coffee.  Stir up some oatmeal pancakes. Come on coffee.  Do your thing!  Uh oh.  I feel and hear a familiar rumbling?  Earthquake?  Thunder? Nope. Trucks start coming through the farm.

#2 son (he's climbing over a fence) and 3 cowboys are rustling the cattle up the loading chutes into the trailer.

Ah HA!  Big Boss has been wanting some pics of the cattle loading up so I grab my jeans, boots, jacket and camera and tear out the front door.  There were just four trucks as this was a small load going out.  The sun is shining, no wind…perfect day for picture taking!!  All except for the mud.  Whoa, and it won’t let go once it’s on you.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am NOT complaining about mud.  I love mud.  Mud means that at some point it rained and well, we just haven’t seen a lot of that happening for a looong time!  So, here’s what I saw… 

Cattle trucks headed west. Going right past our house and orchard. See the peach trees in bloom? Pray for them! I ran 7 deer out of my orchard last night. This is WAR!!

Just as the cattle trucks were pulling out, the distiller's truck pulled in. Yes, sometimes we need traffic control!

This is the remains from corn distillation...leftovers from the process of distilling corn into ethanol. BB uses it in his feed rations for the calves.

The distiller's corn is dumped into a silo and is hot on arrival.

I then headed home for more coffee and to make BB his stack of pancakes.  Then #3 son breezed thru and left, BB came in to eat, truck driver came to back door, phone rang, #3 son came in again and left, text messages to answer from folks renting our lodge, more coffee, #2 grandson comes to show me his new glasses along w/his mom and baby bro. Phone rings.  And now it’s lunch!!  Yay for leftovers!  (They thought they’d talk me into taking the cattle check over to the bank but I just kept quiet…I have a birthday cake to decorate so little girls can over to play this afternoon.)  Later.

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7 Responses to A day in the life

  1. bccmee says:

    Phew! I hope you took a breath.


    • The Queen says:

      no time for breathing. 5 grands=finding and playing w/bugs, snacks, running on the grass, drinks, coloring, supper, movie and book reading…fell into bed around 10:30!


  2. servetus says:

    agriculturalists: the ultimate multi-taskers.


  3. heartfelt4 says:

    Great descriptions of your day! I love that you are so involved in the family business! It was nice to see all the photos, too. I feel like I’ve been there. Oh, that’s right,I have been there! 😀

    You are one busy lady, Queenie! I hope you sleep well tonight!


    • The Queen says:

      But it’s much greener now! THankfully!!!! BTW, Liquid Fence is now smelling up the place. Not really. Can’t smell it at all today. I just dare those pesky deer to come a calling now!


  4. Clay Mauffray says:

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