Deep in the heart of…

Well, you know.  Still can’t upload pics or don’t know how to get them from camera to phone. Anyway, for those of you who may be hitting the road this weekend to hunt bluebonnets, get off the beaten paths! The ranch/farm to market roads are the ones to follow!!  We found a glorious Methodist church literally in the middle of nowhere…Hilda, just SE of Mason. A must see. Don’t doubt me.

I suspect this weekend will be nuts for BBseekers statewide! Fredricksburg was crowded on a Tues.  Go figure.

On other fronts…tanks and creeks are full and running.  Ranchers are estatic but know the drought is still on. Many are looking for hay and are selling off herds. Many will never be able to recover their losses. Sad.

Ok thumbs are worn out. Enough from me.  Feel free tohighjack blog. Altho there is no cake to be had. Sorry.

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