Forever strawberries

Assembly line strawberry workings...right sink is for the first wash, then taking a double handful, I dunk them in the next sink full of clean water. Then I take another double handful from that second sink of water and run water over them, drip a bit, then pile them onto a cookie sheet and towel. Then repeat. Over and over. But they are CLEAN!!!

Instead of blue, we’re going with red today.  Awwww, disappointed?  I can fix that too.  But first…strawberries from Comanche, Texas…30 lbs to be exact.  I usually get more, like 60 lbs. but my time was limited for the moment so  30 it was.  Midways between Comanche and Dublin (home of Dr. Pepper) is a fruit and veggie farm, Worthington Orchards.  There you will find a plethora of wonderment…blackberries, tomatoes, green beans, onions…..LOTS of stuff!  And they’re really nice people too! 

Time out...the way strawberries should be eaten. I used to sneak strawberries as my mother was working them up and roll them in sugar! Yummm!

So at 8:00, I was frantically washing strawberries.  These were really REALLY dirty.  I guess the latest rains came down pretty hard and splashed the sand up on the berries.  Anyway, I washed them three times.  Then, I drained them, de-hulled them and started sacking them up.  All this during the crazy KU vs Ohio game.  I almost threw a strawberry at the KU team.  Were they on the same planet last night?!!  Good grief!  They just kept trying and trying to give the game away….uhhh, where was I?  Oh BB came in and helped me finish sacking them while I sucked the air out of the bags.  Next week, when things slow down a bit???, I’ll make some jam.  And since the BB likes strawberries on his cereal, I’ll let him have a few.  Hopefully, I can get more on my next trip to Texas.  I’m a total pushover for strawberries.  Sorta like my Grandma was about peaches….the price just doesn’t matter.  Gimme them berries!!!

Almost dry berries. It's getting harder and harder to NOT go for another sugar dunked strawberry at this point...excuse me....

OK, back now from a one strawberry snack.  Really.

And to finish the day off, let’s do something new and different.  Like maybe look at some more bluebonnet pics??!!!!  🙂 *snort*  Don’t worry.  I have  lots more to show you.  And when I run out, then we can start with grandbaby pics….


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4 Responses to Forever strawberries

  1. mesmered says:

    Stunning! Both strawberries and bluebonnets. Love strawberry jam and strawberries at the side of my most sinful chocolate desserts. Strawberries on top of pavlovas, strawberry icecream, strawberry jam and peanut butter sandwiches, Strawberries sliced in a chilled glass of white wine. Strawberries sliced and in a long glass of blackcurrant juice and dry ginger ale (non-alcoholic), strawberries… oh, I’d better stop! But then I like raspberries, loganberries and boysenberries even better!


  2. The Queen says:

    Whoa, you DO like strawberries! Those last 3 berries don’t hold nearly as much intrigue for me…but I do like blackberries. I’m praying that the blackberries I planted 2 years ago will bear fruit this year. My apple tree is absolutely loaded with blooms and the apricots and peaches are setting on well. Now, if I can keep the 4 legged varmints away from them. So far so good with the Liquid Fence….

    BTW, what time is it where you’re at dearie? I guess I thought you’d be snoozing at this hour?


  3. servetus says:

    Mmmmm. Brings back memories.

    Ok, you are probably going to think I’m crazy. But honestly, my current favorite way to eat strawberries involves adding just a little bit of a decent quality balsamic vinegar to the sugar. i.e., clean a half pound, add however much sugar you usually add to that amount, and then a solid T balsamic.

    I thought it was crazy too till I tried it.


  4. heartfelt4 says:

    I just finished eating sliced strawberries in yogurt. Who needs ice cream? The strawberries won’t ripen until June here, but your photos have my mouth watering already!

    So you are using Liquid Fence! Glad to hear it’s working so far!


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