The Big Boss and The Big Bear


Our official greeter at Big Cedar was a muscle-bound grizzley.  He suggested we tread softly,no wild parties and pick up our litter. No problem. Did not see even a toothpick on the grounds.

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3 Responses to The Big Boss and The Big Bear

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    Wow! Big Boss looks tiny in comparison with Big Bear! I can’t imagine what it would be like to run across one of those big fellas in the woods. Where is Big Cedar, Queenie?


    • The Queen says:

      Southwestern Missouri…a long ways from your neck of the woods, but a good halfway…make that a third of the way for you!!?

      Oldest son has always wanted to go bear hunting. I think not. His mama says an emphatic NOOOOO! Ever hear of a gal being so tough she could go bear huntin’ with a switch?!


  2. Suzann Coffey says:

    And fun was had by all!!!!


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