And in conclusion…

Hilda United Methodist Church, near Mason, Texas

Finally, in between mixing cakes and baking cakes, I’ve had a few minutes to upload some pics from the Texas trip.  These are special though.  These photos are of a little tiny Methodist Church near Mason, Texas, heart of bluebonnet country.  My mother, aunt and uncle discovered the church several years ago.  I think the story goes they got a bit turned around (remember this was before GPS!) and were thrilled to find this old church sitting out in the middle of nowhere!!  My aunt, known for her good old common sense, marked the spot on her map so it could be found again.  And we did!!!  Actually, we drove right to it.

The entire churchyard was smothered in bluebonnets, as were the roads coming and going!  unbelievable carpets of blue everywhere. 

The pasture to the west of the church...I'm sure if you look close enough, you will see a diamondback somewhere.

The Hilda church is a Texas Historical Site.

The church doors were open so we wandered into the sanctuary and were met by a sweet little lady named Yvonne, whose turn it was this month to clean.  She filled us in on all of the happenings of the church and answered questions like a professional tourist guide!  Actually, she and her husband are ranchers in the area so we talked cattle.

I was experimenting...shot from the inside of the church.

This quilt was hung above the church organ and depicts the church history.

Viewing the church from the pasture (praying I don't step on a snake. Seriously!)

This may…or may not…conclude this spring’s bluebonnet crop.  I’m not sure I’ve downloaded all of my pics.  But you can be sure if I haven’t, you’ll see more!!  The bloom is still going strong.  My nephew who lives in the Dallas area said last night that they have a bountiful crop there and if the bad weather/tornadoes bypass them the rest of the month, they will have flowers until the end of the month.

So, if you’re still hankering to head to Texas, there’s still time!


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10 Responses to And in conclusion…

  1. servetus says:

    Gorgeous. OK, I may be tilting over to actually missing Texas. We hadn’t had rain in so long last spring, it was really brown rather than blue.


    • The Queen says:

      I remember the brown well. That’s what makes this spring so special. Forecasts are not looking good for the summer tho. I dread it. But for now, I’ll just enjoy the green while it’s here!


  2. Suzann Coffey says:

    We were in Dallas for four days and out around my daughter’s house in Prosper they were bountiful! And beautiful!!! But with five little ones around do you seriously think I had time to take pictures???? LOL Still pretty around here but Locker hill still hasn’t “budded out”. I’m still waiting for it to spring!


  3. Elaine says:

    Pardon the pun, but you must have been in 7th heaven! Lovely shots.


  4. The Queen says:

    Hehehe….you are clever today! But I was. In 7th heaven. If there hadn’t been anyone around, I would’ve sat down at the piano and played something for my mother and aunt. Really nice Yamaha.


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  7. Ann Edgar says:

    Came around by Locker hill this afternoon and bluebonnets & indian paintbrushes are blooming, not very tall, but awesome! Anyone wanting to take a bluebonnet trip ,you must go by Mason and check out the area of the Hilda Methodist church. The church is just beautiful, bluebonnets, other flowers and countryside are an added bonus! So, when are you coming?


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