Crazy Wednesday!


Hi Mike! Ooops, I think you're in the BirdsEye mode now?

I’m frantically working on a birthday cake for #5 grandson WHO has been doing a countdown for a month.  Or longer?!  He is hysterically excited about this birthday…not sure any of our grands have been quite so…errmm, focused on a birthday.  But he is and he picked out his cake months ago.  It is to feature “Bowser”…who the heck is BOWSER for Pete’s Sake??!!…and a castle.  From Mario Brothers.  ok.  Picture frantic research on “BOWSER”, “MARIO BROS”, “CASTLES”, “PEACHES”….PEACHES???! 

So I’ve entered a whole new world.  Again.  I seem to do a lot of that lately.  In fact, just about every time I turn around, it’s “Hello new world!  What are you going to dump on me today?!”   Eeek, that’s the pessimist’s take, isn’t it?  I’ll do better.  I promise. 

So while I’m trying to figure out just how the heck I’m supposed to make a castle turret out of a paper towel cardboard roll thingy.  And then how to attach it to a cake.  And pray the UPS man comes to see me this afternoon with missing parts. And where I’m going to put….ah well, I’m sure it will all fall into place.  Maybe. Somehow.

Meanwhile, the Talley Ho Inn at Townsend just posted a pic a FaceBook.  Makes me ready to hit the road for Tennessee!  And folks….if you haven’t visited this particular part of the world, DO IT!!  I’ve been going there for nigh on 10 years and finally got BB to go last spring.  He was instantly hooked!  He got it!!  He understood the whole CHRISTY thing.  And wants to go back.  Just not in the heat of the summer when everything gets REALLY nutso on the farm and there aren’t enough hours in the day and he works from sunup to sunset and….well you get the idea.

The bonus to the whole trip was…ready?…he got to meet the famous BirdsEye Taylor…ok, Mike Hickman in real life!!!  And you can too!  He works the front desk at the Talley Ho and is such a nice man!  It’s worth stopping by if for no other reason than to meet Mike!  Who also leads the Hike with Mike at ChristyFest.

I present to you, Talley Ho, Townsend, TN….(photos from the Talley Ho FB page)

This photo of the Talley Ho was taken by Leonard in 2011 and is SO Kincaideish you'd swear it was a painting!

Welcoming you to the Talley Ho is the creation of Diana and Michael...gorgeous rock garden!!


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5 Responses to Crazy Wednesday!

  1. Suzann says:

    Wow!! Or Wowzers!! I must go!! Is there a golf course handy??


  2. The Queen says:

    ROTFLOL!! Yep, there’s a really nice one at the Country Club, just up the mountain about 2 miles or so! tsk, and your golf are just too cute!


  3. We are going to try to save up and get back down there next summer. Really missing Townsend, the Talley Ho Inn, Mr. Hickman and all things Christy.


  4. grammyjj says:

    Reblogged this on Grammy JJ's Ponderings and commented:
    Great blog about my friend Ethel’s amazing cakes, as well as a passion of both of ours – ChristyFest!


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