The List that took over the world

Castle as of 10 last night.

I’m whittling it down, slowly but surely.  I know.  You might ask ” WHY do you make these lists?  They only set you up to fail.”  No no NO!  That’s NOT the point.  Lists keep me moving.  They keep me organized.  I have goals once my list is made.  It feels good to mark off those items ONE at a TIME!!  I love it!  And it’s legal to add things that you did but weren’t on the list…maybe NOTLBD/not on the list but done!  See?  I’m creative too?!  *snort*

And besides, I am a lifelonglister.  Since high school.  It carried on through marriage, motherhood (HOW could anyone possibly raise children w/o lists I ask you??!!!), and then I became rather famous when I worked at our local high school as a satellite class facilitator and cheerleader coach with my lists.  My cheerleaders used to make horrible fun of their ancient teacher because lists covered her desk.  They thought that was hysterical!  I’ve had some of those girls come to me in their new adulthood/motherhood and say, “Guess what? I make lists now too.  I totally get it!”  Gave me a good laugh and I’m relieved that the one thing they learned from me was to make lists.  I can think of worse things….

So for today:

Make icing

Put icing on cakes

Imprint sides of cakes w/square cutter so as to resemble stones/bricks..yes it can be done.  I’ve already done 8countemTowers. 

Put grass around castle using special grass icing tip thing.  Easier than it sounds

Add 4 towers/turrets on base…ooops, and add trim around tops.  About forgot that!

Gather up BOWSER  (YESSSSSS!  HE WAS IN THE MAIL THIS AM!!!!!!!), candles, Mario and gang, and four small towers

Assemble on site for birthday boy’s approval.  I just pray he approves!  This kid knows EXACTLY what he wants and that’s it.  None of the “Oh just put a clown on top will be fine” orders from this little guy!

Clean kitchen

Start a brand new FRESH list for tomorrow!!!  😀

For after all, “Tomorrow is another day.”

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9 Responses to The List that took over the world

  1. Cheri Ruff says:

    It is looking so good!! Can’t wait to see it all this afternoon. I’m sure the birthday boy will be please!!!!!!


  2. Cheri Ruff says:

    Pleased, that is!!


  3. The Queen says:

    I hope so!!!!!! Don’t think I could handle a disspointed little boy who has suddenly decided being 5 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!!

    BTW, all icing is now awaiting stoning. 🙂


  4. mesmered says:

    Cake amazing! May need image for inspiration for G2.
    I’m a big lister too. EG: washing, dig over veg garden, pick beans, carrots and potatoes, walk dogs X2, finish reading Templar history, write 500-1000 words, shopping, prepare pesto and bocconcini pizzas. SIT AND ENJOY SUNSHINE!
    Love your closing line … bingo!


  5. Fancy Nancy says:

    I would list my lists, but too busy trying to mark off the stuff on them! 🙂


  6. Suzann says:

    I can send you some icing. I think there’s still some on my ceiling!!!
    I have to have lists also. Our maint. super runs from me when he sees me coming with paper in my hand!!


    • The Queen says:

      Well you never did tell me how the stuff TASTED!!! Scrap some off the ceiling and let me know how you like it. Hubs does the same thing. And the church trustees. 😀


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