Today’s list MIA


Pincushion Cactus with intact apples. The goldish fuzzy strand on top of the cactus is a live oak tree bloom and resembles a pecan tree bloom. I found this cactus apple clump when Mother and I visited the Staley Cemetery in pursuit of bluebonnets.

I lost it.  The List is somewhere around here hiding from me.  In the meantime, BB has errands for me to run in the Big City.  Worked outside most of the morning in flowerbeds aka weedbeds while talking on the phone learning all sorts of new things about PDFs and edit copes and…yes, I attempt to multi-task at all times!

BUT…I did find more pics to share..this one is a doozy!  I LOVE IT!!  It reminded me of when my Grandma would take me out into the pastures to hunt cactus apples as a kid.  We’d grab a box of toothpicks and head out to check the pastures out for these little jewels. Toothpicks were the tool of choice as the apples nest into a Pincushion  Cactus (Escobaria) that was surrounded by long, very sharp needles that really really hurt if you got poked with one!!! The toothpicks were carefully inserted into the top of the cactus apple and gently pulled out of the cactus.  It took a steady hand to get those little dudes out without getting stuck with a needle or tearing the fruit apart.

It was like an Easter egg hunt in a way and those little red fruits were sooooo good.  I don’t remember even washing them.  We just popped them in our mouths as fast we would find them…of course, ALWAYS with the admonition of “WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES”!!!!  Some folks make jam out of them if there’s a bountiful crop.  Grandma always put her cactus apples in her apron…it was a half apron tied at the waist and made a great hold of all things wonderful when you caught hold of the two bottom corners and made sort of a cradle out of it. 

As a kid, I loved tromping all over the snake infested country pastures, so this was my cup of tea.  There were rocks to be discovered, flowers to pick, cactus apples to pick, horny toads to chase and always, always, snakes to avoid.  Fact of the matter is…I don’t ever remember running up on a snake.  My cousins, who were all boys…yes, I was not only the oldest, but the only girl in the lot…and they often found snakes but I was always an observer, hiding back in a corner.  I hated snakes.

But the fear/hate of snakes overshadowed my love of the pastures.  And cactus apples.  And lists.  (Had to back to the subject title!!)  🙂


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2 Responses to Today’s list MIA

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Oh, my….have not seen those in ages! We loved hunting for them, too, on my grandparents land (now ours)! But they started disappearing on our farm years ago. Not sure why. We loved to eat them…I remember that flavor….ummmm! This picture looks like really large and good fruit. Did you have your toothpicks handy and sample the delicacy? 😀


  2. The Queen says:

    Well, there was a bountiful crop at the cemetery! I didn’t have a toothpick on me. What was I thinking?!! Actually I was watching the ground so closely that I’m not sure I had the wherewithall to think about picking cactus apples!!! 🙂


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