I’m still learning!!

Dawson and his Bowser Cake, showing off his new whaever-it-is bracelet/power something!!

This old dog is still learning…or attempting…new tricks.  One thing is for sure.  I need to get this procrastination thing out of my system.  Bowser arrived the day BEFORE the birthday…whew. He was ordered from Amazon because there are NO Bowsers in the state of Kansas.  Anywhere. Ask me how I know. I was lucky if the salespeople even knew who Bowser was!!!  Heck, I didn’t until the birthday cake request was made.  

 And the brick imprint sheets that I ordered to make the castle walls came the day AFTER the party.  Which is why the castle wall rocks/bricks were imprinted one square at a time and there wasn’t enough time left to embellish said castle like I wanted to…make more windows, add some red something somewhere.  You know…details. 

 But I did learn that the cardboard tubes used for wrapping paper, wax paper and florists paper can be transformed into castle towers.  Slowly.  And I should have done at least 1 more, maybe 3 more. to add to the top of the cake for height.  I don’t know…it looks a bit…square, flat? 

 No, what I learned is…Wilton makes a terrific castle kit for $19.99 and I’m ordering that sucker pronto!! 

 The birthday boy was delighted and kept asking, “Meemaw!! How’d you do THAT?”, referring to a specific part of the cake.  I shrugged and answered with, “I’m not sure.”  Honest answer!  But it WAS fun!  And I have all sorts of ideas for the next castle cake.  The little girls do too! 

 And the next birthday grand thinks she wants a bunny cake.  Off to hunt up my sketch pad!

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8 Responses to I’m still learning!!

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Wow… a great success. It is very cute, as is the birthday boy!


  2. servetus says:

    That would have been a huge success even without the Bowser. That is an amazing cake!


  3. The Queen says:

    You have NO idea how relieved I was to see Bowser in my mailbox! I’ve said it before…I love my postlady!!! Gracias.


  4. heartfelt4 says:

    Wow, the cake looks wonderful!!! Can I place an order too? For: one ‘occupied’
    bench at a particular train station? Nothing too elaborate, mind you. ;D


  5. heartfelt4 says:

    Oh, I know you!! I could make a list of enjoyable projects along that theme…a coach riding away with no one looking back (well, actually, that would be rather sad); a gentleman in a black suit on a raised platform surveying a spinning room with cotton fluff floating by; a two-handed handshake; a cravat-less throat, lol…Hey, these could also be part of a quilting project similar to your ‘Hobbit’ quilt!


    • The Queen says:

      I think I may be glad I live to far to fill this order?!! LOL!! You know, you’re beginning to remind me of another friend who is always finding “projects” for me!! *rolling eyes*


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