Saturday Opera!

One of my alltime favorite arias:


I had the above playing on YouTube when my granddaughters came over this morning. The 3 year old crawled up into my lap and sat motionless throughout the video. Then she wanted to hear it again. So we did. Big sister then crawled in beside us and listened intently, with middle sister following. Who would’ve thought?!! The 3 year old turned around and said, “Meemaw, she sings like you do!” G-d love her! I wish!

I first time heard it was as a part of a Yanni concert…or more correct to say, I heard a variation of it:


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2 Responses to Saturday Opera!

  1. grammyjj says:

    I’m thinking those poor children need to be introduced to “Red Solo Cup” 🙂


  2. The Queen says:

    Leave it to a heathen to come up with a “better alternative”! Would you belive Mother and I found some redneck champagne glasses in Mason? A red solo cup glued to a glass “stem”…lovely. Really lovely. But the burning question is…did you even listen?!!


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