Gearing Up

I’m getting my creative juices pumped up as April-July are crazy cake days here.  Between birthdays and weddings, the fun just never stops.  So, that means I’ve been sitting staring at the screen looking, and searching and hypnotized….can’t tear myself away but I MUST!  The sun is out and daylight is a’wastin’!!!

The morning started out with planes buzzing the farm and cowboys galloping past the house in pursuit of escapees.  Yep, cattle were out. ‘ Tis the season dontchaknow?  The pastures are greening up and that means we can finally put cattle out to pasture.  They have something to eat at long last that’s green. 

It all began with the sounds of war.  Remember those old WWII movies where the planes are buzzing all over the place and you dream for months of being bombed in England?  Those movies used to scare the bejeepers out of me.  Well, this morning I had flashbacks!  Seems the local crop duster was out and about doing his good deeds to the nasty weeds.  Our grandsons adore the man.  He takes them up for plane rides so they can see the farm from the air. 

Today he has been a busy little bee because…ready?….THERE IS NO WIND!!!  Which also means that I should be out executing wild mustard, pigweed, henbit and whatever else crosses my path. 

But here I sit staring at the screen.  Looking at cakes you can’t even believe.  And people eat these works of art.  Thank goodness cameras were invented so there is a permanent record of all that hard work.  Feast you eyes on these, all made by a fellow Kansas named Rebecca Sutterby.  One day when I grow up, I want to be just like her.  Her pics are at Flickr are protected, so you’ll have to follow the links.  Trust me.  You won’t be sorry for the minor inconvenience! And remember, 99% of what you see on her cakes is sugar…brooches, ribbons, flowers, etc.!!!!  She can do it all!

I do have one saved…maybe my favorite of all of them.  I  tried this one.  Not enough money in the world to entice me to post a photo of my “creation” was soooo sad.  But it was an experiment and I learned tons from it.  I have 2 full pages of notes on what not to do next time and maybe do this.  When you follow the links, you can also just click next or click on her name and see ALL of her cakes.  Would somebody order me one of her cakes for my birthday?!!  Pleeeeeeeze?  Ok, just taking a class from her would be nice!

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Sutterby at FaceBook


Wedding dress cake The detail her is staggering!

Quilled cake Funky but WOW!

Butterfly cake See that perfect butterfly?

Yellow ombre cake This one is so eye-catching!

Damask cake  Do you have ANY idea how unnerving it is to place a piece of plastic over a perfect fondant finish that will show EVERY little boo-boo and shaky hand blob and smear icing over it and then come out with a perfect stencil?!!! 

Draped cake I’m pretty sure the new Sugar Veil product and technique is used here.  Completely blows my mind! Look at that lace edging and those ROSES!!!  Mercy!

Winter cake Piped icicles and frozen flowers.  Gasp!

Blow my  mind cake No words here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green scrolls The scrollwork here is amazing!

Circle cake  OK, each one of the circles was cut out then the inside was cut out, then they dried, the each one was placed on the cake. Perfectly.  Is this woman amazing or what

Sugar Show  Can you BELIEVE this was 4th runnerup??!  I want to see the winner….


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4 Responses to Gearing Up

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    My goodness!! Absolutely amazing, as are yours, Queenie!! I had no idea of the equisite art of cake decorating until I saw photos of yours and Heidi’s. What a unigue and delicate, not to mention delectable, art form – though they’re too lovely to eat, imo!


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Thanks for sharing these….they are true works of art. (Bet they are pricey – as they should be!) Love them! The circle cake looks like a quilt pattern called cathedral window, I believe. Mother made me a cathedral window pillow many years ago with those same circles. still have it.


  3. The Queen says:

    THAT’S what it reminded me of…a quilt pattern! See how the various mediums of art can mix? I’ll bet good money that was her inspiration. That’s one quilt pattern I don’t remember Mother ever doing.


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