A Sesame Street kind of day

I was having a hard time getting it together this AM.  No reason. Just struggled to find shoes, then washed the sleep from my eyes, made it to the kitchen and managed to get coffee dripping.  While I waited for the coffee, I decided sit ups would be a good idea then my nasty old lady heels needed smoothing. Wow, I was getting lots done when the coffee signaled finality.  YAY!  Got my coffee and thought I might as well catch up on cyberworld, so I sat down in front of screen, with coffee in hand and what do you think I found awaiting me?!!! 

Fandom in Stitches had posted a new block pattern….Snuffleupagus!!! Or Snuffy as all of his BFFs call him.

Design by Michelle Thompson,photo courtesy of Fandom In Stitches

 This pattern followed the always sweet Telly from last week and ….well, just go look for yourself!

And THEN…Beyond the Bunker featured Elmo today…in a YouTube vid that is so cute it threatens those bedtime stories read by celebs on UK tv!  Take a look:

Which reminded me of this.

Cuteness is just oozing out of our celebs huh? No, not Armitage or Gervais silly…Elmo and the little guy in “I’m Not Going Out There!”.

I ask you.  How could today NOT be a wonderful day starting it with Snuffy and Elmo?!!  Told you so.  I saw that smile….

And now, I can’t get NA NA NA NA out of my head.

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8 Responses to A Sesame Street kind of day

  1. grammyjj says:

    Cute – but I’m an Oscar the Grouch gal myself – lol.


  2. The Queen says:

    Why am I not surprised!?


  3. Teuchter says:

    I like the Count!! I love his Russian accent!! My husband used to count using the Count’s accent to our Grands when they were little and I’m sure it drove them crazy!! 😀


  4. The Queen says:

    ahhh The Count…slighty off kilter but adorable. I remember when Bert and Ernie first hit the screens. BB called them Ert and Bernie forever and thought I was nuts when I brought home like puppets. He was certain that Bert and Ernie were goofy at best and saw no redeeming value in either little guy. Ha! Little did he know…. 😉


  5. servetus says:

    Now, if we could only get Elmo and Armitage to agree to appear together.


  6. grammyjj says:

    Hey, I resemble that comment! When I was little I used to use a closepin and string as my microphone and sing Oscar’s song “I Love Trash” (you-tube it – Oscar singing, not me). Anyway, the hubster loved the Count too! I attributed it to foreigners sticking together, lol. He was introduced to Sesame Street at age 31 when DD was little. Ethel – he called Bert and Ernie, Ert & Bernie too, and he was serious (language thing, ya know). But he did enjoy Sesame street. Too Funny!


  7. The Queen says:

    Weird that both our hubs called them the same thing, altho mine did it just for aggravation! LOL on the foreigner thing…The Count and The Hamster.


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