While I wait

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My orders for the day include taking a cattle check to the big city today which works out good because I’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel in the sour cream department and must have more.  I use sour cream in my cake recipe and went through 6 lbs yesterday….and I’m not even halfway done with this particular wedding cake!

So now cattle trucks are coming in…3 so far…and that means I’d best get my jeans on and get ready to go.

But not before I mention my newest bluebonnet themed book!!  I’ve long admired and collected Jan Brett   (click here for her wonderful website) children’s books.  Her artwork is a bit Scandanavianish, using bright colors and breathtaking borders that are themed throughout each book.  I think the Brett book that started my fascination with her work was “The Night Before Christmas”. 

photo from Yahoo images

 If I have a certain classic story in mind, I always research the books according to the artwork.  Her classic Christmas story won hands down.  No contest!

I stumbled across “Armadillo Rodeo” while my mom, aunt and I were doing our Bluebonnet Tour in March.  While I usually go for hardback, this book is only offered in paperback but the illustrations are wonderful! The story centers around a little armadillo who is looking for a friend and thinks he’s found one when he meets up with a little girl who wears red boots.  He thinks the boots are armadillos!  Of course, bluebonnets pop up on nearly every page of the book.

Speaking of which, the latest reports coming in say that the bluebonnets around Austin are fading but north of the capital city, the blooming continues!   And to close off the day on a high note…or technically maybe a low note…not sure what key this is in and too lazy to check…here’s some classic good old boy toe tapping sittin’ on the back porch bluebonnet music!!!

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