Recipe Saturday!

Here’s a Golden Oldie…had it for decades!!  This is a recipe that is great for church dinners or reunions or a day when comfort food is in order.  My mother gave me this waaaaay back in the ’70s and my boys loved it…well, one would pick the green beans out, but that was just HIM!  You can put this together ahead of time, refrigerate and later pop it into the oven for an easy meal.  Or freeze it.  And I always do a double recipe so I can either make a big 9×12 pie or 2 regular pie plates

This recipe is really something a bit different.  It has all the food groups in it!  I  like to keep one or more in the freezer for emergencies.  The onion salt is imperative and also the tomato soup….don’t try to sub in tomato sauce…doesn’t work.


Hamburger Pot Pie

2 cups flour (or use half all-purpose flour and half whole wheat)        

¾ c. Crisco

1-2 teaspoons onion salt (if you’re cutting down on salt, use some onion powder)

¼ cup cold water (you may need more so add a tablespoon at a time until it feels right!)

Cut Crisco into flour and salt.  Add water and toss lightly.  Divide into 2 balls….roll out one half and place into 9” pie plate.

Brown 1 lb. Hamburger with ½ cup chopped onion.  Drain and add:

 1 can Tomato soup,

 1 can  drained green beans (I chop them up a bit to fit smaller mouths)

1/4  t. oregano

Tablespoon sugar or less

1 teaspoon  salt and pepper. 

Mix and pour into pie crust.  Top with remaining pie dough.  Cut a slit in top and bake at 375° for 35 mins.

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7 Responses to Recipe Saturday!

  1. Suzann says:

    Okay Deb, if I’m going to use a 9 by 13 pan. Do I go up the sides with the crust or just the bottom? Same with top. Do I lay over the complete top?


  2. The Queen says:

    Good questions~ I usually push the sides up a bit. The pastry crust is pretty dry so you can just squish it around like you want it. The top crust is just laid on top, covering as much of the meat mixture as you can. You may have to add that dab of water to the top crust to get it to hold together long enough to roll out and unroll on the top. Does that make sense?! I’m working on a cake and my brain cells are almost fried. Almost, not quite. 🙂


  3. servetus says:



  4. kitty says:

    I suppose this works just as well w/ ye olde ground venison?


  5. The Queen says:

    yes’m it does! If I remember right, that’s what I was using the first time I did this recipe. That was our main meat source back then…whatever BB shot, we et! Saved us big bucks back than…nice pun huh?! 🙂


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