Sunday…a day of rest?

Well, somebody said that once…can’t remember who but I’m not sure it’s really true.  In a sense it is.  But in my life, hardly.  Sundays, since marriage, have been busy busy days!  Cattle to feed, kids to get ready for church, offertories to practice one more time, lunch fixings to do ahead of time..or not, hair to fix, barn to paint ( that would be makeup to put on for you Yankees), songs to sing, lessons to teach…and that’s the morning.  Then lunch and YAY, time for naps!!!!!!!!!!! 

Today wasn’t much different except I didn’t have kids to get dressed this Sunday.  Next Cousin’s Night, I’ll have ten to dress….or orchestrate.  The older ones do ok on their own and are very helpful with the little ones.  Nevertheless, by the time I get the whole crew to Sunday School, I’m lucky to have clothes on my back and shoe on my feet.

But today was special as it was Mollie’s official Birthday Party!!!  She could hardly wait this year to be 3.  Dawson, #5 grandson, was anxious to be 5 a couple of weeks ago.  He did a countdown for a solid month.  Everyday he’d see BB and hold up however many fingers it was till his birthday.  Then he woke up on The Day, and decided he did NOT under circumstances want to be 5.  I know how he felt!  Me too.  Every birthday the last 20 yrs or so.

But Mollie was revved up and ready to  go today.  She requested a bunny rabbit cake.  So a bunny it was.  I worked last Monday to get it looking as close as I could to the picture chosen to replicate.  I made it from fondant and thought it was a close facsimile.  Morgan waltzed through my kitchen Thursday and watched me put the ears, feet and hands on the body and commented that the bunny looked pregnant.  Yep, the bunny drooped a bit as she dried and did look somewhat in the family way.  But then, in this family, that isn’t very out of the ordinary.  And, after all, bunnies do have somewhat of rep in that particular area.


The day was good…Mollie loved her cake, she loved her presents, she loved having all of her cousins over to play with and we loved seeing her cute smile through it all! 

Finished the day with a County Prayer Strategy Meeting featuring a fantastic men’s quartet.  They put the tap back into the old toes and the hum into the air! 

 Now…we can rest!!!


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7 Responses to Sunday…a day of rest?

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    A day well spent! Now you go rest, my dear!! xxx


  2. servetus says:

    what a sweet cake!


  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    Precious cake! 😀


  4. The Queen says:

    Gracias, mi amiga!! Got the art shows all organized and ready to go?!


  5. Fancy Nancy says:

    In the process as we speak….time consuming, but so fun to see the results!


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