All things new



I can now scratch off two items from my I Want List! No, BB didn’t finally come through with the Baby Grand and I still haven’t my childhood dream come true with a beautiful little playhouse. BUT.  I finally found a decent potting bench/table, watering can AND gardening wagon.

The grandkids are going to be so excited!  These kids can spend hours in the back yard potting up bazillions of Hen and Chicks, the one plant I have an abundance of.  They’ll gather up garden tools, rearrange the entire yard, fix that what’s broke, dig up, organize the plethora of plastic and clay pots that seem to multiply daily and in general, play like I did when I was kid….with pretty much nothing.  So this is kinda like the playhouse…something that they will enjoy besides being a useful addition to the general landscape.

Then, last week when I was gofering for BB, I made a pit stop at one of my favorite greenhouses.  They had some heirloom tomato plants that I wanted and some really nice pansies for a window box and I was pretty loaded up with plants at the check out.  I asked the check out lady if she knew anything about potting benches anywhere?  She did and gave mea number to call.  Turns out, the builder was just down the road, so to speak.  I called, he said YES!  And a week later, he called me to set up a meeting place and time.  The bench was DONE!!!  OH joy!

And now, I am the owner of a lovely, well-made, sturdy and useful potting bench!  They’re made in Montezuma  by a man named Dan whose business is….ready?…this is nifty name…Saw Some Awesome!!  Don’t you just love it?!  That’s a name you can remember!  Click on that name and check out their website.  He can make them bigger, smaller, taller, with or without an opening in the top of the table for easy access to potting soil, with or without the little shelf at top…very accomodating! And more good news…he builds gorgeous outdoor chairs, tables, rockers, etc.

Best part?  You support local business and it’s NOT made in China. And the merchandise is glued, screwed, one of kind quality that will LAST!!!


Also found that green garden wagon I had been pining for!  AND a new watering can.  Can life get any better?  Well, I guess it could if that Baby Grand showed up in my living room.  But I do have to admit…my old Baldwin is still in good shape and after all.  It has a lot of sentimental value.  BB bought it for me for my birthday 6 months after we married.  It was one of those gifts that was a total surprise ( and pretty extravagant for a couple of college kids) and I’m not sure I can part with it.  It can still roll a pretty darned good 12th Street Rag!!!

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3 Responses to All things new

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Have that same watering can….but drooling over that wagon and a potting bench! What am I talking about, I don’t have time to work with plants anyway!


    • The Queen says:

      Well I decided it was high time. I’ve been using a little table that was Daddy’s. Made of redwood, but it was too low. I had stacked up cement blocks trying to get it the right height but it was never level. It’s great for the grands but my old back screams everytime I work at it.

      You don’t have ANY plants around the house?!!! You and Lucy must know each other!!


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    None in pots or no annuals in the beds right now. Spring is my busiest time, so have to wait and put some out early summer. Yes I am ready to retire! to putter in my yard and have a garden!


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