Excuse me, your bias is showing. Dissecting an Animal Rights video.

You MUST read this!!! I know some of you have seen this BEYOND FALSE vid on tv. Could these people twist the truth any further? Don’t answer that…

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

I recently had someone send me a message on the DairyCarrie Facebook page. In her message she included a link to a disturbing video made by the Animals’ Angels group. This group is an Animal Rights group and the video contains some images that can be pretty disturbing. The person who sent me the message said that while she wasn’t a dairy farmer she knew this video was “missing something”  and that she would like me to explain some of the footage in this video.

First I would like you to know the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.

Animal Rights- The rights of animals, claimed on ethical grounds, to the same humane treatment and protection from exploitation and abuse that are accorded to humans.

Animal Welfare-Is the physical and psychological well-being of animals. It is measured by indicators including behavior, physiology, longevity, and reproduction.

Let’s go through this video with some truth and some knowledge, shall we?

So now that we have gone through the first part of the video about a cows life…

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