A Happy Ending

In reference to a post from Feb. 10, “Ranting is so easy“, I was…well, ranting about the absurdity of the Department of Labor’s efforts to regulate…yes, yet another regulation…who, when, where, how old, how long a farm kid can actively participate in farming.  It would’ve effectively ended 4H and FFA….under the radar covert activities of youth…and would have ended farm family life as we know it. 

But, the issue has been dropped.  For now. I’d love to get the skinny behind it the decision to drop the movement towards such a regulation and I suspect that our State Senator, Jerry Moran, will be writing about it in the next issue of The Jetmore Republican.  I hope so anyway.

All of this  to say…there is hope for modern civilization after all.  Intelligent life does exist in DC.  Well, in some parts of DC.  And how long it will be before some other numbskull politician or bureaucrat decides to launch another exceedingly important campaign to regulate the tar out of us?  Time will tell.

In the meantime, mission accomplished but our guards must stay on alert.  Who knows.  Next maybe attempts to regulate our home gardens.  Wait.  I think they’re already on that.



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