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Breathing deeply

Well, we’re sitting in the dark, listening to the battery operated radio and thunder.  Mostly being thankful that family is well & ok after one heck of a storm. Can’t call out on cells as circuits are busy.  Trees torn … Continue reading

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ID please?!

 Update:  Yep, Frenz was right!  This is a Question Mark butterfly.  Never heard of it or saw one.  Ever.  It seems they like elm trees for egg-laying and those I have in abundance!  Sort of explains why this one showed up.  … Continue reading

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Ready for more cookies?!

Why am I now thinking of Cookie Monster, my most favorite Sesame Street character…besides, Grover and the Swedish Cook? Old, Old, OLD recipe.  I was a newlywed and we had just moved to West Texas.  I knew about 2 people … Continue reading

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Noteable Wednesday! Make that Thursday.

Although Word Press was having some issues yesterday, I persevered! A day late but it’s time for some music!!! Several months ago,  I received a  YouTube link  featuring the French production of “Le Petit Prince”. I remembered there was a children’s book … Continue reading

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Baby Blackberries

I’ve been decorating my kitchen…icing and fondant and cake all over the floor, cabinet tops, maybe even the ceiling (with a nod to Suz :).  #10 grand’s birthday is today so there’s NO time to blog.  However…in anticipation of blackberry … Continue reading

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How tired is too tired?

I’m not sure but I think I’m there.  My body is screaming.  It’s clean but screaming.  I spent the day outside in a rip-roaring wind as only Kansas can dump on fellow gardeners/outdoor activities.  You literally had to hold on … Continue reading

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Where in world is the gas can?

I have a rep concerning gas cans.  Don’t touch my gas can. Don’t even think about it. It’s mine and I do NOT share gas cans. Yes, I hoard hide stash gas cans along with my colored pencils. Last week, … Continue reading

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