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Breathing deeply

Well, we’re sitting in the dark, listening to the battery operated radio and thunder.  Mostly being thankful that family is well & ok after one heck of a storm. Can’t call out on cells as circuits are busy.  Trees torn … Continue reading

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ID please?!

 Update:  Yep, Frenz was right!  This is a Question Mark butterfly.  Never heard of it or saw one.  Ever.  It seems they like elm trees for egg-laying and those I have in abundance!  Sort of explains why this one showed up.  … Continue reading

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Ready for more cookies?!

Why am I now thinking of Cookie Monster, my most favorite Sesame Street character…besides, Grover and the Swedish Cook? Old, Old, OLD recipe.  I was a newlywed and we had just moved to West Texas.  I knew about 2 people … Continue reading

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Noteable Wednesday! Make that Thursday.

Although Word Press was having some issues yesterday, I persevered! A day late but it’s time for some music!!! Several months ago,  I received a  YouTube link  featuring the French production of “Le Petit Prince”. I remembered there was a children’s book … Continue reading

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Baby Blackberries

I’ve been decorating my kitchen…icing and fondant and cake all over the floor, cabinet tops, maybe even the ceiling (with a nod to Suz :).  #10 grand’s birthday is today so there’s NO time to blog.  However…in anticipation of blackberry … Continue reading

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How tired is too tired?

I’m not sure but I think I’m there.  My body is screaming.  It’s clean but screaming.  I spent the day outside in a rip-roaring wind as only Kansas can dump on fellow gardeners/outdoor activities.  You literally had to hold on … Continue reading

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Where in world is the gas can?

I have a rep concerning gas cans.  Don’t touch my gas can. Don’t even think about it. It’s mine and I do NOT share gas cans. Yes, I hoard hide stash gas cans along with my colored pencils. Last week, … Continue reading

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OT: A Close Encounter of the Glass Kind

This past week, a high school friend…Dianne, who was our Bluebonnet correspondent for the Austin area…was out and about in Texas.  Specifically, the Dallas area, where she discovered an artist that our friend Fancy Nancy already knew about.  (You can chalk … Continue reading

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On my “To Try” List!

I have long been a fan of Tom Selleck.  Forever. Since the Magnum PI series.  And then the westerns with old Deep-Voice Sam Elliot.  And “Three Men and a Baby”, then “Quigley”.  So when “Blue Bloods” hit the screen, I was … Continue reading

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The Doodad

The backstory goes like this…Big Boss lost his dad in a farm accident back in the late ’80s.  Grandpa was just north of the feedlot working on a new government regulation…yes, that’s where our dislike of regulations began.   He was in the … Continue reading

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