The rest of the story

Wow!  I took a nap!!!  That, like, never happens.  An hour’s worth at that.  I feel like a new woman…well, a slightly groggy woman, but new nonetheless. 

After last Saturday’s wedding, there was no time to catch my breath (until today!).  It was onward and upward to more cakes…birthday, to be exact.  For two little girls.  One was turning one…the other counting up six candles.  One was candy themed  in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry…and the other, cheetah, cowgirl, zebra with touches of pink…oh, and princess.  A cowgirl princess.  In cherry.

So, in spite of having tomato plants sitting all over the place, waiting to be planted, tended, fertilized and watered, I was mixing, baking, trimming, leveling, filling, frosting, decorating CAKES!!!  While I whipped, shaped and designed, BB was out fixing fences and boys were planting corn.  I am done…they are still at it. 😀


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7 Responses to The rest of the story

  1. servetus says:



  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Really cute!


  3. dairycarrie says:

    Wow! You do great work. While I can bake pretty well, cake decorating just doesn’t come naturally to me. For some reason cupcakes I can handle but cakes just require something that I can’t get down. However my little sister does amazing cake work down in Texas. She is queen of the zebra print cakes I think. You can see some of her cakes on her business facebook page if you do a search for Gloria’s Goodies.


  4. The Queen says:

    Thanks! I’m glad for a break tho. My garden needs tending!! @carrie…I did a search at FB and saw one in Alvarado TX that would let me see pics. Is that her? I can put you in charge of cupcakes as they drive me crazy!!!


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