Can’t help myself

photp thanks to Yahoo Images

It’s been way too long since we saw Colin Firth.  CBS Evening News took care of this little problem today, although I never watch CBS News.  Thanks to Karen at “Brits United” blog, I stumbled upon this clip.  While we…or at least some of us…adore Richard Armitage readings, Mr. Firth will be wonderful too.  Now, if we could get him to read “Pride and Prejudice”!!  Just imagine!!  Or even the phonebook.  I’d buy it!!  🙂;lst;3

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2 Responses to Can’t help myself

  1. kathryngaul says:

    Hi. I’m a big fan of audiobooks and I have a membership with, so I’ll give Colin’s narration a go. I had already decided I was going to get the one Kate Winslet recorded.

    As much as I love Colin Firth, his voice doesn’t have quite the same effect on me that Richard Armitage’s does, I’m afraid!! 🙂 😉


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