May is busting out all over…

I’m a month early, which is unusual cause I’m normally late.  Ahh, but Carrie needs peonies so this is for you, Miz Dairy!! 

And for my Texas friends and relatives…peonies were a new find for me when we moved up here.  Never heard of them till then.  My mother-in-law had the most gorgeous fuchsia peonies you ever saw or smelled.  Unbelievable.  And what was more unbelievable is how easy they are to grow.  My mother even grew some at the old house a few years ago, so I know they’ll thrive in Texas too! 

Interesting thing is…ants play a vital part in these flower’s survival.  The buds are tight little balls that ooze a sweet juice that the ants love.  So they climb up and eat the sap and in the process, help the flower to open up.  Gotta have ants!! I guess ants ARE important after all besides being the menu for anteaters?!!

I just picked these about 30 mins. ago…more on the way as DiL got me some yellow peonies for Mother’s Day!  Yay!!  I just wish peonies bloomed all summer…btw, you pronounce peonies like pee-uh-neez.  Kinda like pekingnese without the “k” or the “ng”.  Altho I have heard them pronounced pee-ON-yaz.  Maybe I should look it up?

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8 Responses to May is busting out all over…

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Well this Texas gal has loved them for years and called them pee-uh-nees all that time….think I must have learned of them from Martha Stewart way back in the ’70s when I started buying her mags. But have never tried to grow them….I must! Good to know Momma K had luck with them here in Texas. Thanks for the “ant” tip, though! I would have been trying to kill the little suckers off! 🙂 Please post how to buy, plant, expectations, and care of these beauties. Thanks Q!


    • The Queen says:

      Try this link:
      I do absolutely nothing for my peonies but surround them with special wire supports. Get them. Trust me. Get good ones. These plants get heavy fast, so put the supports around them early…when you first see them coming up in the early spring. The blooms get huge and heavy fast and really really need the support!

      Next step for me is to learn how to make peonies from gumpaste. Now that’s an art!!!


      • Fancy Nancy says:

        Thanks for the info. I remembered that I have a Neil Sperry book that probably gives info on growing peonies, too. Will compare. And will be checking on your blog for photos of the edible ones….You can do it!


        • The Queen says:

          I think you’d probably be able to find them at any good nursery…unless it’s too late in the season. They’re just now showing up in these parts at the nurseries. But you can order them from places like White Flower Farm.


      • Fancy Nancy says:

        Thanks, can’t do it right now, and it may be too hot later. 😦


  2. servetus says:

    Pretty sure it’s PEE-uh-knees.


  3. judiang says:

    Question: how do you get rid of the ants if you want to clip and bring them inside? (Bear with me, I’m a city girl.)


  4. The Queen says:

    By the time the flowers are open enought to cut, the ants are long gone. Theoretically, altho some might hang on to the bitter end? If so, just run the flower under some water and the little rascals will vacate quickly, you city girl you! 🙂


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