OT: A Close Encounter of the Glass Kind

Call me crazy, but I see a cake in this!!!?

This past week, a high school friend…Dianne, who was our Bluebonnet correspondent for the Austin area…was out and about in Texas.  Specifically, the Dallas area, where she discovered an artist that our friend Fancy Nancy already knew about.  (You can chalk up FN’s knowledge to the fact that she is a public school art teacher and urges those in the area..or not…to get to Dallas at some point between now and November for this exhibit!) Dale Chihuly is the name to look for. (BTW, that has got to be one of my all time favorite surname.  And if you click on the name above, you’ll go to his website where a video is featured from a CBS piece.

The water lilies are glass, people. Glass! Is that goreous or what?

Dianne posted some of her photos (taken on her iPhone!) from her visit to the Dallas Arboretum at FaceBook and I was blown away!  The way the art glass is woven into the landscaping is amazing!  I’ve always had a weakness for glass blowing!  It absolutely fascinates me and has since childhood.  My first encounter with glass blowing was at around age 11 on a visit to The Alamo (yes, I am standing in honor as I type this!) where I found beautiful glass objects being made.  Of course, my fav was an intricate baby grand piano!  Seeing as how I only had so many quarters saved up, I settled for a pretty little blue teapot, which I still have.  Somewhere.

A giant blue dandelion exploding?!!

BB and I made a trip to New York back in ’91 and took a tour through the Corning Glass Museum and factory, which is in the fabulous Finger Lake region.  Wow!! I could’ve stood and watched the glass blowers for hours.  BB had other ideas.  I mean he enjoyed watching and learning but had no intentions of hanging around the entire day. But at one point,  the guide  told us that “one day you’ll be getting pictures through a glass tube” that they were in the process of developing and refining at that very moment.  No way!  We laughed.  Big mistake.  Had we invested in those glass tubes, we’d be sitting pretty about right now!! 

Anyway, Mr. Chihuly is a master artist!  You have to see his work to believe it!  So with Dianne’s permission, I’ve “borrowed” some of her photos to share with you.

the view from the side

the view from the front…looks like seaweed in the water? Love this one!!! I want ONE!

And no…this has nothing to do with farming.  Thank goodness.  I’ve just spent the last 2 days getting lunches out to the field, going after parts, etc.  Enough already.  I need a mental break of the glass blowing kind.  Thank you very much!

Woohoo!!!!! A yellow feather. A huge yellow feather in your front yard. Hmmm?!

OK, this one may be my favorite. It is so subtle that you can’t find the glass at first. But then the running water has to be it. Right?

Thanks Dianne!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to OT: A Close Encounter of the Glass Kind

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Yes, Chihuly is one of my fav artists/ sculptors. I first saw his work at the Dallas Museum of Art years ago where about 25 of his huge “persians” (large round, flat flower like shapes) frame a huge glass wall in the atrium of the museum. I was hooked! Last year, one of my lessons for all BISD elementary students featured Chihuly and they loved learning about him and his art! We made our own “glass” sculptures by coloring empty water bottles with colored sharpies, crushing them, and hot glueing them into all kinds of sculpture and chandeliers! They were pretty cool! Chihuly has installations all over the world. If you’ve been to Vegas, the ceiling at the Belagio is his. Also his website is so amazing. Be prepared to spend days on it, though. Look up the installation that he did in Jeruselem…it will blow you away! He is a world renown artist with an interesting life and incredible body of work. I haven’t had a chance to go to the Arboretum yet, but will go soon! In fact for our art teacher’s staff development next year, we are going in October, so I’m sure I will go mulitple times! Want to go in the evening too if it’s not booked yet. Queenie, you must come and go with me one time!


  2. The Queen says:

    The Jerusalem project is amazing, especially the Crystal Mountain. WARNING: His website is very addicting!!! You just can’t stop…


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