How tired is too tired?

I’m not sure but I think I’m there.  My body is screaming.  It’s clean but screaming.  I spent the day outside in a rip-roaring wind as only Kansas can dump on fellow gardeners/outdoor activities.  You literally had to hold on to something in order to stay upright. 

The garden has the benefit of wood fencing and trees to protect it so the wind didn’t stop us (me and grandson #4) from planting pumpkins, okra (both from last year’s crops) and some dill. Forgot the apple gourds.  And watering everything in sight.  And sweeping out the wood shed and setting sprinklers for backyard grass and sweeping the back patio and hauling off weeds and spent Sweet Rocket (tall purplish good-smelling perennial that a friend gave me seeds of years ago).  That stuff will take over the world some day.  Grand #4 and worked hard.

And then Big Boss stopped by to pick us up.  We have hundreds of trees that were planted at the new feedyard that were desperate for water.  For some reason, the tree planting guy didn’t get back this past week to set up the watering system.  That meant already dry trees were getting drier by the minute.  So we rounded up every hose in the county and took off.  I had my phone, gloves, lip saver, hat, water, handy dandy pruning thingys, extra male and female (gender equality rules on this farm) repair stuff for the hose, extra gaskets…I was ready for anything.  Not a Boy Scout but prepared nonetheless. 

Sad thing is…we needed it ALL!  But we got ‘er a goin’!  Yay for us.  Grandson hung in there to the bitter end..he’s almost 9 and can outwork most grown men I know.  He watered while I drug hose.  He drug hose while I watered.  BB was in the water truck watering waaaaay on down the line.  At one point, I told Grandson that when Paw said let’s go water trees, I didn’t think it would be this HARD.  He said me either.  Do you have any idea how heavy 500 feet of garden hose is?  Especially when you’re dragging it a half a mile through the weeds.  Holy Moly.  I will never have to exercise again.  Not sure I have the physical power or the mental wherewithal to even consider it. 

My arms hurt.  My feet hurt.  My toenails hurt. Even my eyeballs hurt.  But we got the job done.  Now, we’re all going to pray for the tree planting guy that he WILL get this taken care of this week. Ouch.  Just moved my head.  Not good.  Where is the massage therapist when I need her? Oh Rochelle?????!!!!!

I crawled into the house, 4 hours later, found my way into the shower, managed to find my way out of the shower…and BB called.  Hey!  We’re on our way home and we’re hungry! Great….he and Grandson ate all of the sandwich stuff at lunch.  Ahhh, but the sack of browned sausage in the freezer said THAW ME OUT…throw in some eggs and a couple of handfuls of cheddar cheese.  Voila!!!  Supper.  Toasted raisin bread and some fresh cantaloupe finished it all off.

So there’s the recipe of the week.  Ha!! Fooled you didn’t I?  And you thought this whole post was going to be one whine after another.  Nope.  Not I!  I aim to please. What?  You missed it?  Go back up to the THAW ME OUT part. Now get those skillets out and let’s hear some eggs crackin’!  But not too loud.  My ears hurt too.  Seriously.  I am not kidding.

This was lovely pastoral scene on the other side of the road, across from all those trees. I love the wood fence…it slopes down to the creek, which actually has water in it. By August, there won’t be a drop. Unless it rains. Let’s be optimistic, shall we?!! 🙂

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4 Responses to How tired is too tired?

  1. phylly3 says:

    We are getting a lot of rain this weekend which is good as the forest is very dry. We are concerned as it is forest fire season now and it was such a mild winter and early, hot spring so there has been little precipitation. Here’s hoping some of that rain blows your way too! I hope you get to relax a bit this weekend and lick your wounds!


    • The Queen says:

      No rest for the wicked! Just got in from watering more. Tree guy called and said he’d be here the “first part of the week”….not holding my breath! Boy could we use some of that rain but glad you got some!


  2. mesmered says:

    NB: I know that tired feeling. After two days in the shearing shed acting as a rouseabout, I’ve been known to do little else but sit on the couch staring into space for 2 days after. The exhaustion is stupendous.
    I can’t BELIEVE you towed that hose behind you. Hose is a bitch! Well done! We planted 400 metres of trees about six years ago and put in a drip system along the line. Another 500 metres worth to go along another fence this year. Want to lay the hose out ready for the drip fittings? You’re welcome!

    We’re shearing next week: all the pregnant ewes. Three days (dawn to dusk) but along with our regular shearing team, we’re hiring a rouseabout (yay!) All I have to do is cook … including a large batch of the Kansas Cowgirl’s Best Ever Chocolate Cookies!!!!! Yummo!!!


  3. The Queen says:

    Staring at the walls sounded good but ain’t happening. Church, then 15 min. nap, then grands, then more watering…and at some point, I have grandson #6’s birthday cakes to bake before Tues. May wait on that till tamara, cause after tamara is another day!

    I finally got smart about halfway thru the ordeal yesterday and hooked the hose around the trailer hitch and pulled it along. Smart huh? Grandson wanted to know why we didn’t do that sooner. “All I have to do is cook”…sounds familiar! Just don’t let that get in the way of writing. Ya hear?!!! 🙂


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