Baby Blackberries

See all of the spikey little things coming out of the middle of the white floor? Those are the makings of a yummy, sweet blackberry! The one in the middle that has the little green balls is the actual berry. What you see here is several stages of baby berries. Cool huh?!

I’ve been decorating my kitchen…icing and fondant and cake all over the floor, cabinet tops, maybe even the ceiling (with a nod to Suz :).  #10 grand’s birthday is today so there’s NO time to blog. 

However…in anticipation of blackberry season here on the farm, may I share my sweet babies-in-the-making?  The bushes are 3 yrs old thus old enough now to reproduce!  Yay!!  This is my first big bloom and it’s not heavy but it looks very promising.  The white blooms have been appearing now for a little over a week…I know this because I check them every day and water them every day…and, yes, I talk to them.  So sue me.

They are rewarding little plants as not only are they prolific bearers, but they also have progeny in baby plants!  All a blackberry bush has to do is send out a nice, long cane (branch) that is close to the ground.  Before long, that cane has rooted in the ground and at that point, you can cut the cane in between the old plant and the new one, dig up the baby plant and transplant to a new spot, pot it up for later and/or give some away.  That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow…and that’s a shout out to DIL’s and anyone else who may want a blackberry plant.  And bring a shovel!!!!!  😀

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8 Responses to Baby Blackberries

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    Your plants are lookin’ good, Queenie! Ours have leaves but not a berry in sight.


  2. Heather says:

    Pretty photo! We’re looking forward to picking some delicious blackberries this year.


  3. Kate says:

    i just planted 30ish blackberry canes. hoping for a berry or two this year. yours look lovely!


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