Noteable Wednesday! Make that Thursday.

Although Word Press was having some issues yesterday, I persevered!

A day late but it’s time for some music!!!

Several months ago,  I received a  YouTube link  featuring the French production of “Le Petit Prince”. I remembered there was a children’s book with the same name (written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)  but had never read it.  Very seldom do I take the “theatrical” blog posts seriously.  Usually, they’re touting some obscure movie or off-Broadway production or unknown outer Siberian punk rock band.  Something about this recommendation caught my eye though…maybe what was written about how wonderfully creative a song was set up: “Brilliant directorial idea right at the start of this clip: the little prince takes his magnifying glass down and the rose appears “in the glass” beside him.” 

OK, sounded interesting.

So, I clicked on the link and wow, was I glad I did! I was immediately hooked! And that was just Part 5. Click on the link below for a taste of the music. Part 5 includes my favorite songs. So far.

The costuming was outstanding!  The music was absolutely mesmerizing!  And the sets were innovative and flat-out gorgeous.  The voices of Daniel LaVoie (the pilot), Cathialine Andria (the rose) and Jeff Tetedoie (the little prince) were ethereal yet strong. I ended up listening to and watching most of the 14 parts offered at YouTube.  While web searches revealed that Riccardo/Richard Cocciante wrote the music and Elizabeth Anais was the lyricist, not much was shown as to the musical’s actual production history…it played in France in 2002-2003 and in Shanghai in 2007 and Hong Kong in 2008. 

The story line may be a bit confusing so to get you started, I’ll just say that the setting is WWII and a French pilot has crashed his plane into the desert where he meets The Little Prince, who is a version of his childhood self. It could be interpreted as  a lamentation of lost childhood and simpler times.

Let me know what you think.  I’m curious how other non-French speakers react to this.  Although I haven’t seen any other adaptations of this book, whether animated (and a new one is coming in 2014) or a stage production or a movie, I can’t imagine enjoying any of them as much as I do the French version.  A US production would be ideal?!

The link to a synopsis of the book (in case you aren’t familiar with the storyline) is at Amazon (this is the 1974 movie starring Richard Kiley in the Lerner and Lowe adaptation ) and  Wikipedia, which also gives an overview of the author’s life and other works.

BTW, I had NO idea Richard Kiley could sing and can he ever!! Yes, this is THE Richard Kiley who played Dr. Ferrand in “Christy”! Click HERE for clip…start at about 5:00.  Or watch the whole thing!

I really could listen to “Près D’Elle” and “La Rose” all day. Also “Dédicace“…well, you get the idea.  Yeah, Amazon hooked  me again.   Mp3 downloads are done!!!

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