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OT: A Close Encounter of the Glass Kind

This past week, a high school friend…Dianne, who was our Bluebonnet correspondent for the Austin area…was out and about in Texas.  Specifically, the Dallas area, where she discovered an artist that our friend Fancy Nancy already knew about.  (You can chalk … Continue reading

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On my “To Try” List!

I have long been a fan of Tom Selleck.  Forever. Since the Magnum PI series.  And then the westerns with old Deep-Voice Sam Elliot.  And “Three Men and a Baby”, then “Quigley”.  So when “Blue Bloods” hit the screen, I was … Continue reading

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The Doodad

The backstory goes like this…Big Boss lost his dad in a farm accident back in the late ’80s.  Grandpa was just north of the feedlot working on a new government regulation…yes, that’s where our dislike of regulations began.   He was in the … Continue reading

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Simple Wonders

Maybe not a “Wonder of the World”, but I had never seen these stone posts, aka post rock, until I moved to Kansas.  And I hadn’t really looked close. When I noticed these, I was fascinated! Years ago we were headed west … Continue reading

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Got any idea what this is for?

Disclaimer: Farmers, ranchers and their wives and kids aren’t eligible to answer this.  That would be cheating.  And no farmer grannies or aunts or uncles either.  In other words, let’s see if our city cousins can figure this one out. When … Continue reading

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Butterfly Heaven

Wednesday was a great butterfly day!  Especially the morning.  Granddaughters spent a couple of hours playing with me in the backyard.  Butterflies were the main attraction.  The admirals are long gone and the monarchs were prevalent this particular day, along with … Continue reading

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May Mother and Farmer Moment

Disclaimer: all information contained in the following article is NOT technically and absolutely correct.  It’s more of a From My Point of View type piece.  Sons and husband will probably deny they know me and laugh a lot at some … Continue reading

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