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The Tale of the Red Malibu

We were still in college, dating and madly in love.  He called me long distance that summer weekend with a one huge question.  (No, he had already asked that question, unofficially.  The ring day hadn’t happened yet. ) He was going … Continue reading

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Africa visits Kansas

So…last week I wrote a bit about Joanna and how we met her.  Now I want to share the week she spent here with us. First…I drove 120 miles east to pick her up at the airport.  Not a bad … Continue reading

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Wheat Harvest 2012

Wheat harvest is done! I rode with Big Boss one day and took some pics and vids.  Not great ones but they were the best we could get at the time.  Everyone is relieved to get the crops in without any … Continue reading

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In honor of my Canadian buddies….

Yep, it’s almost July 1…Canada Day!!!  Happy Birthday Canada!!  Visit a blog I follow, The Canadian Beef Blog for recipes and general beef tips/information.  Now, you Canadians, how are you celebrating this long weekend?!!

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I am a Rebel!

If my mama could only see me now!  She would flip out completely.  What?  You don’t see anything wrong here?  Oooo my mama would.  Big time.  One of the choicest tidbits of my home economics education…(on this, I was home … Continue reading

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Things Joanna left behind

Nope.  She didn’t forget a thing.  She’s a seasoned traveler and has been all over the world.  She knows what she’s doing when it comes to hopping on planes and heading for the unknown.  Alone. So, she didn’t leave her … Continue reading

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Merida and Us

Our first greenhouse trip in 2004 Yesterday was grands #5-8’s turn for an outing with grammy.  The first four and I did our usual greenhouse visit a while back.  We’ve been doing that since the twins were 3.  We head for … Continue reading

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A guide to farm weddings/any celebration

  You need to plan ahead right?  Absolutely.  Like you can’t have a wedding in June because of wheat harvest.  Course if harvest is delayed by rain, hail, breakdowns, then you can forget July too.  And don’t even think about … Continue reading

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Pickin’ up paw paws, puttin’ em in a basket…

  Everywhere.  They are everywhere.  The wind is blowing them off the tree faster than we can retrieve them!  But I will NOT let the critters get them.  They’ve already had their fair share.  It’s my turn now.  All week, … Continue reading

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Mr. Tolkien, Mr. Shore and Sir Peter

I discovered a new blog… “The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films” by Doug Adams.  What an interesting blog and it only gets better when he discusses The Hobbit!!!  I know, I know…not all of you are Hobbit fans!  But … Continue reading

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