Kake Kwaps

Jessie showing off my kake kwaps..yep, it’s snack time!!

When my boys were little and we were living in Texas, I started a new hobby…decorating cakes.  One of the first things I learned was that cakes have to be leveled in order to look right and stack right.  So, those humps that a baked cake always has, must be cut off.  Generally, that can be accomplished by laying a long knife on its side and cut along the top edge of the cake pan.  I found that those cake trimmings made good snacks for growing little boys.

And so, when my boys would tromp through the kitchen and smell a cake baking, they were READY.  That meant that when they got up from their afternoon naps (this the part of the day when I decorated cakes!), there would be treats awaiting them. 

Mr. Kake Kwap Face’s stamp of approval.

As soon as sleepy little eyes opened, they would ask for their snacks.  And when some sweet neighbor lady would come over to visit, those adorable boys would tell her that they had “Kwaps” for snacks.  Now, you and I hear “kwaps” and think “HUH?!!!”  And no, their snacks were not that.  They called them “cake scraps” thus the “kake kwaps”.  Those precious little lisping tongues just nearly got me into all sorts of trouble. 

We worked on our “R’s” for a looooong time.  And then another little boy hit the floor running and we were practicing “R’s” again. 

Oh, and I found a nifty way to use them when those three boys were all grown-up so BB and I didn’t gorge ourselves on cake scraps…do you have any idea how good chocolate cake is while it’s still warm?!  Oh my word!  Anyways, they make wonderful trifles.  Layer them with some whipped cream and cream cheese, chopped pecans, chocolate syrup  and refrigerate…eye-popping dessert that is beyond heavenly!!!

Yes.  I snuck another recipe in and you didn’t see it coming didn you?!  heehee.

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5 Responses to Kake Kwaps

  1. servetus says:

    Mmmmm. Trifle. thanks for giving me a dessert idea for this week. And Lutherans don’t have to avoid booze … 🙂


  2. The Queen says:

    ROTFLOL!!! You’re RIGHT! I have used Kahuala on occassion, but only in adult settings. Vanilla cake works well with fresh strawberries and cream. Oh and chocolate also works with cherries instead of pecans..and throw in a little cherry brandy on top of the cake. Whoa mama!!

    PS HEY! What do you think vanilla is?!!!!!


  3. grammyjj says:

    I LOVE the Kake Kwaps story. I retell it regularly! My friends all know you well…


  4. The Queen says:

    why does that worry me?


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