The origin of today’s scraps

In case you were wondering…you were, weren’t you?  The reason the grands were snacking on cake scraps today is that I had a birthday cake to do for a special little girl…well, they’re all special, but this isn’t even a grand.  But just like one, whether she knows it or not.  I taught her mama and coached her during her cheerleading years and she was BB’s basketball manager for 2 or 3 years in the ’90’s and I made her wedding cakes and her mama is one of my really good friends.  And, she used to make fun of me for making my infernal lists. So yeah, she’s like one of mine. Happy birthday, Natalie!!!!

She turned 4 today and we were not sure she’d make it through her first year.  Quite a trooper, this little gal.  She still has battles ahead of her but her mama and daddy have put her the Lord’s Hands and there she will firmly remain.  I loved doing this cake.  Actually I get to do her and her sister’s cakes every year.  Their mama always, always, presents me with challenges.  And that ‘s a good thing.  If not, I still be decorating in my tried and true 7o’s and 80’s style.  Blech.  Everyone needs a good push, and between her, my DIL’s and certain little gal in the big city of Wichita, I’ve been shoved into the 21st century.  Thanks gals!!

The design inspiration

It really does help to do a sketch before hand…then I know what I’ve got to make up ahead of time so I have plenty of “drying” time, which usually equals around 3 days.

The birthday girl and her party outfit…I used the flower design as an extra “touch” on the cake

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