He’s Alive!

Another Hobbit vblog!! Just thought I’d share and also….thank Frenz for all the help she’s given me with my blog. Couldn’t have done it without her sage advice!! Thanks Frenz!


Yes, Richard Armitage still exists, or he did as of this video blog:

I think they’re messing with us. Yeah, Peter Jackson and his bunch are definitely onto us. 😀 But what PJ doesn’t know is that I think I have a crush on Dion. That’s who I would want to hang out with if I got a chance to visit the set. Dion’s job looks really interesting. I might tear myself away to take a gander at RA every now and then too.

In case you missed RA (and as usual click to enlarge):

Once again I’m struck with his ability to command attention simply by his bearing, and no, I don’t think it’s just a case of CWS. At the risk of sounding inane, surely we can’t be the only ones who see this?!!

Screencaps are mine

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3 Responses to He’s Alive!

  1. RAFrenzy says:

    It was my pleasure, your Highness. 😀


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