No time for bloggin’.  Wheat harvest is in process!!!!!  That means I…and all other available farm wives…are on the run.  Literally.  Son #2 stopped by at 8:30 with a request to run to Dodge and “get me another phone!!!?”  What happened to YOUR phone? I asked.  Well, it seems it’s somewhere between this field and that field.  Which means we’ll probably never see it again.  Yeah, this is THE phone that monitors irrigation pivots, wells and whatever other apps he’s downloaded and can’t live without.  So, I jumped in my trusty Chevy and took off while calling the sweet phone lady.  She didn’t say it but I KNOW she was thinking, “Why can’t that bunch of people keep up with their phones?” 

I quickly explained that wheat harvest is ON, we’re replanting corn that got hailed out last week and it’s a desperate situation.  She understood.  She got it.  Thank goodness.  By the time I got to Dodge, she had a new phone ready and waiting.  No contacts or GPS info but it works.  And is son’s hand.  Those are good things!!:)

On the way, Big Boss called me to see if I could help move him to another field.  Not hardly, I explained briefly.  OH!  YAY!  Could you get me some toothpaste?  Oh and some bodywash?  And also, how about some KFC cole slaw…he is obsessed w/their cole slaw.  So that made 2 more stops, which went quickly, inspite of only 2…yes TWO…checkouts open at Wally World.  The lady behind me and I exchanged killer looks and headed for the self-checkout.  Which brings me to the ditty I found on FB the other day…how is it scientifically possible that a store can employ 127 folks and only have 3 checkouts open?!  Good question.  Someone help me out with that one, please?  grrrrrr.

SO, I got back in record time, handed the new phone off to son as his sweet wife delivered his lunch of pizza to him, found Big Boss in a field up the road a bit who was corrugating the corn…that means he pulls an implement behind the tractor that digs ditches in between the rows of corn.  Then Little Boss, son #2, lays irrigation pipe down at the end of the field and floods the rows with well water.  We only use this procedure on about 4 fields now…everything else uses center pivots.  He was thrilled as I also brought him KFC’s grilled chicken to go along with the slaw.  I am a wonder!! For the moment.

Son #3 is out harvesting wheat.  I had hoped to catch up with him today and ride the combine with him and take pics. Don’t think  that’s happening as I have 2 repairmen coming, 3 grandsons working in my yard while I return to cleaning out closets.  WHERE does all this junk come from that I’m discovering in this one crummy closet?!

Hopefully, wheat harvest pics will follow tomorrow.  Or not.  Depends on how many things breakdown or get lost this afternoon.  Little Boss told me and his wife that someone was going to have to step up and become “Granny” (his grandma who passed away a few years ago and who was at their beck and call 24/7)…I looked at his sweet wife and she said, “That means you drop everything the instant he calls to get whatever.”  Uh, yeah.  I know this guy well. And I hope that between the two of us women, we can accomplish that job.

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6 Responses to Just-a-farmin’

  1. Teuchter says:

    As usual you have worn me out just reading all that you do, my dear!! You deserve a medal – or should that be a sainthood?? On second thoughts the latter suggestion is something that is bestowed only AFTER death and that is the last thing on my thoughts as regards to you!! You have the most amazing sense of humour in the midst of it all!

    Listening to Alison Krauss’ “Now that I’ve Found You” CD as I type. Balm for any soul who is harassed, anxious or whatever ails you!! “In The Palm of You Hand” is one of my all-time favourites. What a sweet voice and a very sweet lady!! 🙂

    PS. Hope you got/get the chance to see the latest Hobbit vlog!!! THORIN!!!!!!


    • The Queen says:

      Some might suggest that I get the Dummy of the Year award?!!!

      Ahhh, Alison! Isn’t she wondeful? Such a pure voice and really strong. Have you heard “Ghost in this House”? I love that song@!!!


  2. And you’ve warn me out, too! I found myself reading faster and faster as if I was the one speeding toward Dodge! (Did you stop for Mexican food? 🙂 )My life is similarly hectic but the distances are not so far. You’re a good woman, Queenie!

    (My younger brother and his wife LOVE KFC cole slaw!)


  3. Lynda Clifford says:

    I’m glad your life, though very different, is as busy as mine. I know for a fact I could NEVER be a farmers wife. what’s your travel time to dodge? I’m guessing far faster than is humanly possible. miss you love you!


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