Roll out the barrel?!

NO!!! Not that kind!  Yeah it’s Friday and some folks are rolling many barrels out, but here, not so much.  More like rolling out another can of diet pop…or water.

“Barrels Out of Bond” made by Schenley Pilgram and designed by Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir, with thanks to FiS.

The barrel I refer to is the barrel scene in “The Hobbit” with the dwarves escaping in wooden barrels . 

Now the very last barrel was being rolled to the doors! In despair and not knowing what else to do, poor little Bilbo caught hold of it and was pushed over the edge with it. Down into the water he fell, splash! into the cold dark water, with the barrel on top of him.

The Hobbit, Chapter 9

Fandom in Stitches posted the latest There and Back Again Block of the Month  aka TABABOM, this week.  Check them out!  And while you’re there, you can find links to many pics of blocks created by lots of folks who are participating in TABABOM.  Click here to go to FiS’s home page, where you’ll also some find some absolutely fantastic Sesame Street blocks…and Harry Potter, if that’s your thing.  AND, they’re sponsoring a signature block event that will donate $$ to Red Cross.  The post is here and begins with, “A special request from Thorin and Co.”!  That oughtta get things rolling!!!   😀

And no…I haven’t even thought about zeroing in on my sewing machine…too much outside stuff going on.  Later.  Maybe when the snow is flying?

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11 Responses to Roll out the barrel?!

  1. ItsJSforMe says:

    My fingers are really itching now!


  2. I’ve never attempted quilting and sadly these days my sewing machine only gets used for patching up clothes and sewing on bathes. Though I was rather pleased I fixed a pair of shoes; some stitching came undone which made them untie able and now they’re back as new.


  3. That’s patches btw boy or girl scouts 🙂


    • The Queen says:

      LOL..this girl scout knew what you meant. More or less. But I’ll bet you’d surprise yourself if you decided to try a block or 2. I’ve done my share of sewing on patches too…last son is an Eagle Scout and he kept me busy! Also those things they put on letter jackets? I’ve sewn my way around the world doing those dudes. And they’re a lot tougher sewing!!! I’m impressed about the shoe mending tho! Wow! The glue gun works good too, especially on running shoes! 🙂


  4. Suzann Coffey says:

    Diet drinks are really bad for you!!! Beer is good for you in moderation! LOL


  5. The Queen says:

    Subbing beer for diet drinks?! Hmmm, that is a novel idea but BLECCCHHH! The smell alone sends me topside. But you’re right. Diet drinks are NOT good for you!


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