And now…on the feed front

DairyCarrie says, “This is a handful of dairy cow feed also called TMR.” photo courtesy of DairyCarrie

My favorite CheeseHead dairy farmer lady…does that cover it all?…posted a great piece today on what we feed cattle.  While she’s feeding dairy cows…that would be females for you folks in the cities and wherever else you might hail from…so Dairy Carrie’s goals are a  bit different from ours…we’re feeding calves to haul of to be “finish fed”.  Translated…Dairy Carrie is formulating feed that will boost the milk production of said cows.  We’re formulating feed that will put the most pounds the quickest on our calves thus making them SuperCalves…healthy, beefy and tasty!!

There is a LOT of misinformation out there about what we do here and what the dairymen/women do.  Dairy Carrie’s article will explain a lot of that, including links to other articles that are very informative.  I’ll add to it later, but right now, wheat harvest is in full swing and I have a guest coming in from Africa this Thursday.  Which translates, I’ve already made one emergency trip to Dodge for parts, am now trying to finish stripping an old chest of whose origins I have NO idea and need to water everything and vacum…well, nevermindallthat. 

Without further ado…heeeeeere’s Carrie….

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