Another day, Another birthday

And how did I celebrate?  Well, we actually celebrated as a family on Sunday.  You know…pizza, chocolate cake.  So yesterday was rather quiet as the guys were busy with the wheat harvest, doctoring cattle, etc. But I spent the day answering the phone.  And emails.  Which was good because past experience has taught me that the day will go fast so just answer the phone! 

Big Boss breezed through with his birthday greetings as he grabbed food and ran.  Seriously.  He was in a hurry.  But he did slow down long enough for me to sweet talk him into helping me move a chest of drawers.  Then my mother called, my aunt called, my brother called…our mechanic called and sang to me…my brother-in-law called, a high school friend called, grands and Lucy called, a cyber buddy called…heck I even got a card from the insurance man and my chiropractor.  I am special.

But the biggest surprises of the day were this…

Handmade, handwritten and hand-delivered

This was the lunch our 3 cowboys brought me!  Can you believe it?  They went to the local cafe, got me a cheeseburger, fries and Diet Pepsi and delivered it to me.  Am I lucky or what?  Personalized containers!

And then later, this….

Ok, so what do YOU think this looks like? Yikes!!!

The second picture shows the surprise I found outside my south door around 7 when I was going to the garage for something.  WHAT?  Another birthday present?!!  How neat is that?  UPS delivered it and I didn’t even hear them drive up.  Cool.  Wonder what is in it?  Wait.  That’s not my name on the tag.  It’s for my brother-in-law and it says “Non-Hazardous”  Ok.  Now, I’m worried. 

 ” Hello?  Brother-in-law?  I have this thing at my house with your name on it.  I’m guessing this is not my birthday present? But heck if I know what it is!?” 

I hear laughter on the other end.  “NO!  That’s bull….hang on…are you ready?….semen.  The regular UPS guy must be on vacation and the new guy doesn’t know the difference between our houses.”  I turn white, green, my jaw drops, and I utter, “EWWWWWW!”  “Hurry up and come get this.  QUICK!”  Definitely NOT a present for me. 

Welcome to my world where you find bull semen on your back porch, lunch on the front porch and snakes and other critters on your west porch.

PS  And a random act of kindness happened…someone VOLUNTEERED to mow our Lodge grass.  Too cool!!

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16 Responses to Another day, Another birthday

  1. servetus says:

    There’s no better way to celebrate your birthday than with bull semen. (j/k)

    I hope the late evening hours were pleasant ones. Congratulations and many happy returns.


  2. Melinda says:

    Happy belated birthday, Debbie! I’ve always known that the Ruffs are a fun-loving family, but oh, my….these blog posts just keep me guessing about the latest fun event! This one, well, it’s fun to read about it…from hundreds of miles away!


  3. Happy belated birthday from me too!! I wish I had known! I would have sent something special – a case of Liquid Fence, perhaps…nah,, I wouldn’t do that to you! I’ll think of something though…Many happy returns, my friend! God bless!


  4. Myna says:

    Happy Birthday! That is a great post! Never boring is it?


  5. Teuchter says:

    A belated Happy Birthday from me too!! I’ve written it down on my “Birthdays Calendar” so I don’t forget next year! 🙂

    As so often happens when reading your blog I am crying with laughter!! You’re the only woman I’ve heard of who finds bull semen on her back porch! 😀 At least the cowboys made up for it a little. That was pretty sweet of them! 🙂

    Don’t you love these RAofC’s? (Nothing to do with a certain TDHBEW. btw, just in case your mind is now wandering elsewhere!! :))


  6. alfagetti says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Debbie!! My lord you lead an exciting life!!!! To be honest, when I looked at the picture of your “special delivery” the first thought I had was, “Why does she need a kidney?” 😮


    It sounds like you were spoiled in the nicest way. “Special” for sure. 🙂

    Quick question: Why am I not being notified of your blog entries via email? I keep having to check back on here, and while I don’t mind doing that, I also wouldn’t mind a special delivery of my own. *giggles*

    PS: Now I’ve “checked off: everything just to be sure…hope that helps.

    Later, lady. 😉


  7. The Queen says:

    Hmmm, not sure…but did you subscribe? At the top of the page, there’s a heading “Follow Blog via Email”…that should send you notices when I post. Or are you talking about the little box below the comment box?

    Lol…a kidney! Never thought of that one!


  8. alfagetti says:

    It’s okay. I fixed it and got it right this time. We’re good! 🙂


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