Blue lions?


An afterthought…this soap dish was especially valuable as my high school mascot was/is the lion. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I unearthed this jewel! It was not only a LION but blue saltglaze ware! I’ve collected it for years with the shades of blue catching my eye, then the utilitarian dings adding to its charm. Hard to find anymore tho. And of course its intrinsic value tripled knowing it was BB’s grandparents’!

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4 Responses to Blue lions?

  1. It’s lovely, Queenie! Do I recall correctly that you collect blue pitchers, too? Or perhaps it was pitchers of any color. Loved your kitchen!


  2. The Queen says:

    Busted! Yep, I love pitchers in general and especially blue ones! Thanks. The kitchen is a mish-mash of many things. I’m sure an decorator would scream at the sight of it, but, HEY!, it works for me!


  3. love this! and most vintage stoneware items. my maiden name is Lyons and my grandmother has a vast lion collection.


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