Project: Girly/Girlie Room aka Fancy

Continuing the birthday party tale: Last week, our kids and grandkids came over for a birthday bash, which consisted of pizza and chocolate cake. After the grands ate their pizza, they all ended up in the front bedroom where my baby dolls reside.(I have all of my childhood dolls and have added to the collection.  Somewhat. The dolls may crowd BB out any day now!)  I spent last week cleaning the room and closet out. Then I bought a white iron daybed to replace the double bed that one of the granddaughters has now.

The kids were fascinated with the trundle bed that hides under the daybed! And they loved the closet where I put a stack of white shelves to house doll clothes, dolls, diapers, etc. My doll bed that is now…yes, an antique!…is in the closet beside a wooden dolly highchair. The doll strollers hang from the clothes rod and a couple of old purses are hanging on a nail. The girls were thrilled!

This is the “BEFORE” pic..actually, it was worse than this when I got it. It’s been cleaned up and some paint already stripped off. Fancy, it ain’t!

And, this week, I added a 3 drawer chest.  It sort of has a checkered history.  My brother-in-law is an auctioneer and frequently drops by and drops off something no one wanted.  So, for the last..ummmm…several? years, the ugly chest has resided in our garage.  Along with other junk.  About 4 years ago, I did begin stripping it.  Not sure why I didn’t finish, but out of disgust last week, I finished that dude off.  And painted her white.  Turned out pretty good so I opted to spend $30 on new drawer pulls.  Heck, I even got 2 out of 3 of the old drawer locks to work with a spare key of the antique sort! 

The “AFTER” photo. Still not fancy, but Fancy Nancy approves. The Scarlett doll is the first doll I bought since childhood. Well, I didn’t buy those either, but it was long spell before I got a new doll!! The kids gave me the old lamps and the blue saltglaze soap dish is a treasure! I found it buried under a pile of soap in BB’s grandfather’s shop!! Woohoo!!

Then I popped for scented drawer paper…the chest had a bit of a funky aroma.  Don’t know what and pretty sure I don’t want to know.  Then I slapped some of those felt floor protectors on all 4 corners and BB helped me move her in.  I remembered I had my grandmother’s framed mirror  to hang above it.  Somewhere. And “Voila!”  All done. 

Don’t you just love making something out of nothing?!  Eventually, I’d like to paint some roses on each drawer and maybe give it a little “trashy chic” look with some sandpaper.  But for right now, the chest is nice to look at.  And smell.  And fill up.  That’s my real gift.  Filling up stuff.

Now…tell me about your “Something for Nothing” gem!!  I know you have one….

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9 Responses to Project: Girly/Girlie Room aka Fancy

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    This Fancy Nancy aproves, too! Nice job. One of my most fav thing is finding something for very little or nothing and repurposing discarded items! When we moved in our first house back in the ’70s, I had an old rake head (no handle) from my father-in-law that I hung on a kiitchen wall next to my range top and hung kitchen utensils on (loved it then and just saw it on Pinterest the other day!) When we built our current house, it wouldn’t fit anywhere, much to my disappointment :(. Would like to use it again to hang garden utensils if I can get a potting shed built!

    We also had a pair of columns that we had to replace from our front porch, and when hubby was about to haul to the trash, I rescued them and had him cut them down for pedistals for my flower beds. There are other things, but it would take too long! The downside: repurposing and packratting are synonymous! 🙂


    • The Queen says:

      A rake to hold rakes!!! Now that’s an idea! I have an old rake head hanging on my garden fence right now. Must retreive!!! Love the column idea too. I rescued tree stumps for my backyard and set pots of plants on old wooden chairs.


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    “pedestal”….no spell check on here! :/ Always was a poor speller!


    • The Queen says:

      Oooooo, you’ll get in trouble for telling untruths missy. You always won the spelling bees! 🙂


      • Fancy Nancy says:

        Don’t remember that, but it must have been strait memorization, which aging will negate (had to look up negate!!! Websters is my best friend when spell check deserts me!) Marrying Larry, who is an excellent speller, I learned quickly I wasn’t!


  3. Connie says:

    Love your dresser!!!! I have so many free things that have been repurposed, it’s hard to choose a favorite! Will have to think on that one!


  4. Connie says:

    Ok right now my fav is the buffet that we have turned into our bathroom vanity. We have a copper sink on top with a oil rubbed bronze single faucet.


  5. The Queen says:

    Oooo, we need a pic! Didn’t your mother have some antiques in the Magnolia Street house? I always LOVED coming to your house. She had it decorated so beautifully! And it was HUGE!!!!!


  6. Fancy Nancy says:

    Yep….knew you would have some great repurposed pieces, Connie. Joyce had so many good antiques! She gave one to Mother from a shared relative, a wooden settee/bench that is still in Daddy’s house!


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