Pickin’ up paw paws, puttin’ em in a basket…


Guess what I’ll be doing for the next few days?!!

Everywhere.  They are everywhere.  The wind is blowing them off the tree faster than we can retrieve them!  But I will NOT let the critters get them.  They’ve already had their fair share.  It’s my turn now. 

All week, this is what we’ve been doing.  Me and whoever is unfortunate enough to stop by while I’m picking up apricots.  Do they understand how long I waited for these jewels? Twenty long years!  And by golly, I’m getting every last one of them if it means breaking my back in the process.  Which, if you go by aches and pains, I am almost there. 

Thank goodness for grandkids!!  They think apricot picking is like Easter egg hunts.  And I, for one, am not telling them any different. 🙂  BTW, if anyone wants to join our “Easter egg hunt”, come join the fun?!!


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2 Responses to Pickin’ up paw paws, puttin’ em in a basket…

  1. ‘paw paws everywhere? I thought you an animal massacre going on there! My goodness, that’s a lot of apricots! You certainly have a green thumb, Queenie! And your apricot jam is wonderful, as are your grands! Have a good Sunday!


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