Merida and Us

Our first greenhouse trip in 2004

Yesterday was grands #5-8’s turn for an outing with grammy.  The first four and I did our usual greenhouse visit a while back.  We’ve been doing that since the twins were 3.  We head for the closest greenhouse, look at and learn the names of flowers and buy their moms a plant.  Then we head to a park for a picnic lunch/snack. 

Now that they’re 10, nearly 11, I was figuring maybe they had outgrown it.  Not.  The oldest of the bunch were over here helping me with yardwork one day in May, and one said, “Hey, when are we going to the greenhouse?”  Ooops!  It hadn’t even crossed my mind.  Between cakes, trips, garden work and chasing deer and rabbits off the place, I had totally forgotten.  There went my “Grandma of the Year” award!!  I hustled them off a week later to get our flowers!

That meant the next four were waiting for their turn.  So by the end of June, trips to the greenhouse are pretty much redundant, I decided they might like to see Brave instead.  They did.  The 5 yr old grandson was ecstatic!  He couldn’t wait!!  His mom figured it had something to do with sword fights or something.  This kid has a vivid imagination!  Very vivid.  When he’s sitting around with the other kids watching a movie, he’s fighting right alongside with the heroes.  Sound effects included! 

So off we went after hurdling the usual trepidations you might encounter in my world:  tires that felt wonky so an extra stop at the Co-op before we took off, a stop at the bank to deposit cattle checks for Big Boss, food for the hungry critters in my pickup which translated into a quick run thru at Wendy’s, dropping bills off to be mailed before someone starts calling me for $$$.

Next 2…2011

And we FINALLY arrive at our point of interest.  And get in line.  Behind 4  twelve year olds who need tickets.  And pop.  And popcorn.  And “where is my money”?  I thought you had it. No, you have it.  Aiiyiiiiieee! WHY can’t people be organized like I am?  JK.  That meant that we finally got our tickets 15 mins. AFTER the movie started.  Sheesh.

Four pairs of eyes immediately went into panic mode.  No worries, I assured them.  Another one starts in 15 mins.  AND it’s in 3D!  How cool is that?  They sighed and headed for the main hall of the mall, taking turns pushing the grand in the stroller who has hurt her leg an can’t walk on it.  We whizzed thru Bath and Body with instructions that NO one picks up anything.  That’s code for “Put your hands in your pockets and keep them there.”  They did.  All was well.


We were back at the movie theater in plenty of time.  We took our seats and waited.  And waited.  Someone said, “Hey projection guy.  We need video!”  Grands thought that was hilarious! Video came on, but no sound.  Then sound and no video.  This went on for 5-6 mins.  I could imagine some pimply face teen back in the projection room, wiping taco sauce off his hands as he fumbled around trying to “fix” it.  A full 15 mins. later, we had the previews going.  But no Hobbit trailer, as I had been told.  Bummer. 

I’m not sure the grands might not have walked out of the theater after the previews and been totally satisfied.  All of the trailers were in 3D and included Madagascar 3 and a movie I can’t seem to identify..something about a guy who runs a game room for kids and all of the heroes come alive.  All I know is..there was scene with Bowzer from Mario Bros. and grandson went wild!  He’s the one I did the castle cake for and had Bowzer on it.  Bowzer is THE man!

So we finally got to the movie.  I have to say that I, the adult who gets stuck sometimes in the teen years…I loved it.  Lots of humor!  Did the kids get it?  Not necessarily.  The Scottish burr was sometimes difficult to understand so they didn’t get a lot of what being said.  They DID get the action.  There were lots of fight scenes but  nothing gory.  Characters got knocked around a lot, but no gore.  The bears were somewhat fearsome…the bad guy bear was scary, even to me. ( I’m hoping that no one had bad dreams last night!) 

Smelling the roses in 2010

The life lessons were well told and we talked about them after the movie.  They got it but the witch/hag/old lady hung them up a bit.  They thought she was bad, as all witches are portrayed, right or wrong.  I told them that actually she was trying to help Merida to show her that her mom was REALLY a good person and was trying to do good things for her daughter, Merida.  My explanation went to the “story” philosophy…that the movie was using the witch theme to show us that sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone.  Crickets chirped a couple of times but one grand exclaimed, “OH!  We’re supposed to be nice to our moms?!!”  Uh yeah. “When do we go for ice cream?” 

In the typical Hollywood fashion, Merida’s dad was portrayed as a bit of a buffoon.  He had a hard time speaking publicly so his wife had to bail him out a couple of times.  She sometimes came off as a bit bossy, but then, aren’t all of us moms?!!  But the father came through as their protector, as did the mom.  A little feministic action going on, but not enough to make it the usual “in your face” stuff.

I liked the tomboyish Merida as opposed to the helpless princesses of the  early Walt Disney era  Tangled made a giant step towards the princess who could” take care of herself” type.  Merida took up where Rapunzel left off.  I adored Tangled and everytime littlest grand wants to watch it, I usually watch too.  Brave is more sophisticated and probably best for say 8 yr olds up.  They’ll get more of the humor.  And the bear fights won’t bug them.  We talked about the fights and I reminded them that they were all pretend being fought by pretend fighters.  Hmmm.  Good point.  Now when do we get ice cream?

Post “Brave” and ready for snacks!

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4 Responses to Merida and Us

  1. Lovely photos! Those kids are so adorable! I enjoyed the shots of the garden center and the children around the huge tree! You looked kinda cute too! ;D


  2. servetus says:

    Glad to know this is niece friendly. But I can’t help but mention that I thought you were going to write about the Yucatan.


  3. The Queen says:

    LOL!! That’s funny. I just told DiL that I wondered that “Merida” was the name for a Scottish girl cause it sounded Spanish to me!!! Go see it. You’ll love it too!!!


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