In honor of my Canadian buddies….

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Yep, it’s almost July 1…Canada Day!!!  Happy Birthday Canada!!  Visit a blog I follow, The Canadian Beef Blog for recipes and general beef tips/information. 

Now, you Canadians, how are you celebrating this long weekend?!!

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12 Responses to In honor of my Canadian buddies….

  1. Marilyn says:

    I have roots in Canada through one of my great-grandmothers. Canada is a
    steadfast neighbor and friend to the USA.


  2. Yes, Happy Birthday, Canada! Just posted this link to the N&S board, Queenie!

    I know you must have seen the Kansas farming music vid. I thought of y’all right away. It was awesome! They could have been your sons and your farm!


  3. Teuchter says:

    I have lived in Canada since we came from Scotland almost 36 years ago and LOVE it! Quite a culture shock at the time moving from a small Highland village with a population of about 200, to a city where the school my kids attended had over 1,000 pupils!! From a family of seven of us we now number nearly 30!! (we would have numbered 30 but my husband passed away in 2002) Well the Good Lord did say, “Go forth and multiply”, didn’t He? I guess we took Him at His word!! 😀


    • The Queen says:

      LOL!! Seems we’re kinda doing the same thing around here! #11 due in August!!!! I’ll bet that was culture shock. I’d love to get to Scotland one of these days…my dad’s side “seems” to have originated there. Still working on that…


  4. alfagetti says:

    Awww…thank you for acknowledging Canada’s up-and-coming birthday, Debbie, and thanks for the Canadian Beef Blog mention. I was on there earlier and got a few tips and ideas. [smile] I’m very familiar with Rowe Farms, as it’s not too far from where I live. It’s a wonderful farm…extremely popular… GREAT beef…. highly recommended!

    I don’t have any specific plans, myself, for the long weekend, but I’m very tempted to try that burger recipe that the blogger mentioned…just need to rustle up some volunteers to eat it! Ha! (So many people are away for the weekend…). Maybe I’ll half the recipe, light a few sparklers, pour a glass of wine and have my own Canada Day Party!!



    • The Queen says:

      Really?! Small world huh!!? Burgers sound wonderful right now. Pickin’s have been slim around here due to cake making, movie going w/grands, more cake making and who wants to eat when it’s 110 in the shade? Thanks for stopping by!! Have fun this weekend!


  5. Teuchter says:

    Should have added that we have a family Barbeque planned for Sunday afternoon!! Bring on the beef! And lots of other food – we always end up with WAY too much food! 🙂


  6. Teuchter says:

    Sorry, me again! If you check out today and scroll down a little you will see a picture of Eilean Donan Castle which is only about 7 miles from the village we came from! Quite lovely I think. All being well I hope to make a trip back in 2013 with my second son and DiL!!


  7. The Queen says:

    Quite lovely?!!! Oh my gosh. It’s gorgeous! Would it be ok if I play like that’s my family castle? All this and “Brave”…just too much Scottish goodness!!! Thanks for sharing the link:


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