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Blue lions?

An afterthought…this soap dish was especially valuable as my high school mascot was/is the lion. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I unearthed this jewel! It was not only a LION but blue saltglaze ware! I’ve collected … Continue reading

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Project: Girly/Girlie Room aka Fancy

Continuing the birthday party tale: Last week, our kids and grandkids came over for a birthday bash, which consisted of pizza and chocolate cake. After the grands ate their pizza, they all ended up in the front bedroom where my baby dolls … Continue reading

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Far and Away

A woman named Joanna lives far, far away in a country called Burkina Faso.  She has lived and worked there for 50 plus years.  What does she do in this small, unknown country?  She takes care of children…mostly orphans left behind … Continue reading

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Saturday Recipe

  Real quick…a cold salad for Sunday?  Or if you can’t wait, today, but it’s better if it sits in the fridge 24 hours.  Here, this salad is called Governor’s Salad.  I’ve heard it called Overnight Salad and about 10 … Continue reading

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Another day, Another birthday

And how did I celebrate?  Well, we actually celebrated as a family on Sunday.  You know…pizza, chocolate cake.  So yesterday was rather quiet as the guys were busy with the wheat harvest, doctoring cattle, etc. But I spent the day … Continue reading

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Searching for Mr. Photographer!

  The whole family came over Sunday!  One DiL brought pizzas from the big city, along with pop of all kinds and we snarfed most of them all gone…all 6 of them!  It was an informal night with a new cowboy … Continue reading

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And now…on the feed front

My favorite CheeseHead dairy farmer lady…does that cover it all?…posted a great piece today on what we feed cattle.  While she’s feeding dairy cows…that would be females for you folks in the cities and wherever else you might hail from…so Dairy Carrie’s … Continue reading

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Sword Art, G-d and Sundays

There are moments that you experience complete and utter wonder.  The kind that leaves you wordless.  All you can do is sit and look and soak the experience in.  Maybe not an epiphany, in its truest form, but wonder just … Continue reading

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Roll out the barrel?!

NO!!! Not that kind!  Yeah it’s Friday and some folks are rolling many barrels out, but here, not so much.  More like rolling out another can of diet pop…or water. The barrel I refer to is the barrel scene in … Continue reading

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He’s Alive!

Originally posted on RAFrenzy:
Yes, Richard Armitage still exists, or he did as of this video blog: I think they’re messing with us. Yeah, Peter Jackson and his bunch are definitely onto us. 😀 But what PJ doesn’t know is…

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