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Mission accomplished!

Back in 2008, I discovered a new doll in Tennessee. Not a factory made doll, turned out by the thousands, but one by one slowly but surely. One of a kind even. I first stumbled on the Coalition for the … Continue reading

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**** update open**** Frank Hoyt Taylor has had to reschedule. He won’t be with us today. However, I’m delighted to announce that Austin Moody will be calling in, giving me the opportunity to introduce…

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A day in the museum

Eat your heart out John Deere,

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Know who this cutie is?

The first magazine my mother took in the ’50s was McCalls.  It’s arrival was anxiously awaited every month.  It was full of fashions, crafts, homemaking tips, sewing….and yes, paper dolls. When the magazine would arrive, I would quick go to the … Continue reading

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The Drought of 2012 – What’s the Impact to Livestock Farmers?

Originally posted on chrischinn:
This is one of the better looking fields of corn in our area. This year has been very challenging for farmers and ranchers all over the United States.  Our farm is no different than the majority…

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Let’s Hear it for BLUEBERRIES!!!

In a post the other day, we got to discussing blueberries, blaeberries, huckleberries, etc.  I decided to go straight to a source. Who is really and truely a “Source”.  She and her sweet husband own and manage a nursery/greenhouse and gift … Continue reading

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Want fries with that?

Chicken fries that is.  No, not the kind that cluck and lay eggs.  The kind that is yummy, fried in a skillet goodness preferably with gravy on the side.  And corn on the cob.  And stewed squash! Chicken Fried Steak … Continue reading

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Katy Keene, the queen of paper dolls

  Several months ago, we had a great discussion on our Barbie years and from there, went on to our paper dolls memories.  The topic of “hope chests” also emerged and off we chased that proverbial rabbit!  During those conversations, I remembered … Continue reading

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Christmas in July

Here on the farm, we had Christmas today!!  Big Boss called me yesterday with an urgent message.  “Be on alert.  It’s coming tomorrow.”  Ummmm, what’s coming, I inquired?  “Well, you KNOW what will be here!  THE truck.” “OK…. pause…pause…OH, THAT … Continue reading

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Cherry Walnut Cake from Launita

Miz Janis mentioned some time ago that her mom had a killer cherry walnut cake recipe so, being the recipe freak that I am, I talked her into sharing it with me.  Thank you Janis’s Mom, Launita!!!  I am typing while the … Continue reading

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