Latest Hobbit News and you know you want to know….

Graham McTavish as Dwalin, Ken Stott as Balin and Martin Freeman as Bilbo. photo courtesy of and Entertainment Weekly

They’re done filming!!!!  After 266 days of filming on location, “it’s a wrap“! 

Now the fun begins for Jackson and Company…piecing all that film together, putting Mr. Shore’s music in, adding all the computer generated gizmos, doing voice overs…lots and lots to accomplish before December 14.  How many days away, you might ask? 

161 days and 14 hours, more or less!

 (thank you Elaine for the countdown!)

Have I told you lately how excited I am for this movie to be released?  And me see it?  And then see it again?  Yeah, I know you think I’m nuts…just play along with me just this once? 

Dwarf leader, Thorin Oakenshield portrayed by Richard Armitage. Photo courtesy of and Entertainment Weekly

And to top the week off…Fandom in Stitches released their latest quilt block of the month for The Hobbit!


Smaug pieced by Michelle Thompson. photo courtesy of Fandom in Stitches

For good measure, here is a Hobbit illustration by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt with their version of Smaug from their book “The Tolkien Years”.  photo courtesy of

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