T-shirts and fireworks



July 4, 2012…”Hurry Meemaw! We were in the middle of an exciting basketball game when you made us stop for this silly picture!”

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my long-lost sewing room…you know the one in the basement.  I was contemplating a new quilt block and thought I needed to survey the landscape before plunging into another project.  Hmmm, another project…what IS that in that sack over there? Lo and behold!  A whole sack full of red Ts.

Argggh!  Red T-shirts from 3 years ago.  I had found these great bargains and hustled them home to be made into wonderful 4th of July Ts for all of the grands.  And then promptly forgot about them.  There they sat, all lumped into a sad pile waiting for creative hands to do something with them.

Guilt overtook me as I went through the sizes and it was obvious I was going to have to buy at least 2 more shirts in larger sizes as the oldest two grands were now…well, bigger!  So off I went gathering up more shirts, paint, paint brushes and about 2 hours later, had the whole lot of shirts finished and lined up to dry. 

Not much time was involved…to be honest, it took me more time to decide what design I’d use and how I would implement it.   The grands could have even made their own had I started the project sooner!  It was that simple. And the expense was minimal…as minimal as it can get when making shirts for 10!!  It figures out around $6 per shirt, depending on the shirt costs and if you have to buy a punch.  Better yet, ask a friend if you can borrow their punch!

These are the supplies I used… white and sparkly blue  fabric paint, fabric paint brushes (or whatever you have.  I like the stiffer, flatter brushes for fabric painting the freehand numbers.) and a stenciling brush, a piece of plastic film (I used some computer printer film used for laminating because that was all I could find that my star punch would go through), a scrapbooking punch and water. 

I punched out the design to fit the shirt, aiming for a total of 10 stars (5 on top, 5 on bottom) to equal the number of grands who are present and accounted for.  Then a piece of cardboard was inserted inside the shirt to give me a stable work area. I lined up my stencil and started making stars! After each strip of stars was completed, I wiped the paint off front and back of the stencil, dried it with a paper towel and then did the next strip.  The shirt was finished off with painting the numbers using the flat brushes.  And all done! 

You could even have the child put paint on their hands and “stamp” the back of the shirt with their handprint.  And maybe paint their name above/below it?!  The blue “12”s dried out a little dark so I’m working on a solution for that.  If I hadn’t been so lazy, I would’ve painted the full “2012”…but daylight was fading fast!

The paint bottles instruct you to let them dry for 4 hours and not wash them for 72 hours.  When washing the shirts, turn them inside out and wash in cold water.

It is a scientific fact that you canNOT take a pic of 7 kids w/o one of them making a goofy face!

So if you ever find Ts on sale, grab some for future use.  And you’ll think of something/someway to decorate them!  Wait.  I’ll bet you already have an idea?

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6 Responses to T-shirts and fireworks

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Loved reading this…:)


  2. The Queen says:

    Hey Annie!! Glad you stopped by!


  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    Word of advice for those who have never stenciled fabric… it will take you longer than Miss Annie Get Your Paintbrush! Haven’t stenciled Ts since Matt was around these ages, but don’t know that I ever did 10 in 2 hours! 🙂 It is a quick way to decorate Ts. These turned out very cute! And the kids are so cute too!


    • The Queen says:

      ROTFLOL!! Hey, when you have 10 soon to be 11, you learn to move fast! Actually, I timed one…3 mins to do the first row of stars, wipe clean dry took 2 mins,, next row took another 3 mins., wipe clean dry another 2 mins., and then the “12”…that took a bit longer since it was freehand but I hit around 5 mins. on that one. Which means I lied…it took me 2 hrs. 15 mins. Of course that doesn’t include the time it took to get stuff out and organized or the clean up, but I thought I hustled pretty good?!!!

      And thanks from Annie Get Your Paintbrush. They do resemble their meemaw don’t they!!! LOL!! 🙂


  4. Kitty says:

    Beautiful bunch of grand young’uns. Nice shirts, too. Some how I think my two would have a grand ol’ time w/ your bunch.


    • The Queen says:

      If they love action, THIS is the place! Between tree climbing, toad catching, running thru sprinklers, collecting rocks, chunking rocks, chasing squirrels/rabbits/whatever, playing house, toting baby dolls around and playing restaurant…I think we’ve got it covered!!!! Thanks.


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