My sewing fingers are twitching!

I made the mistake of going to Fandom in Stitches the other day.  Huge mistake!  Not only did she have some of the latest Hobbit offerings but the cutest quilt I’ve seen in a long time.  And in colors that aren’t my favorite…yellow and green.  I know…you John Deere fans will be out to get me, but THIS…this, is cuteness multiplied by however many blocks there are in it.  SEEEEEE what I mean?

Cabbage Patch Kids by Jennifer Ofenstein, photo courtesy of Fandom in Stitches

I’ve had a weakness for Cabbage Patch Kids ever since they came onto the scene in the ’80s.  In fact, #3 son had 2 of the boy Cabbage Patch Kids.  I couldn’t help myself.  They were so stinkin’ cute!!  I called up J.C. Penney’s and ordered one. Then another one.  I was pretty sure he would, at age 2, ignore them once he figured out they didn’t make a truck noise or didn’t fly or didn’t transform into a tractor.  Much to my amazement, he carried them around with him some.  He was still in the Teddy Bear stage and the Cabbage Patch Kids, Austin and Zachary, helped him to eventually give Ted up during the day.  (But Ted found his way into his bed at night.  For a long time. ) And I still have Austin and Zachary.  They’re a little beat up. But they still hang around the old nursery and wait for the little girls to come and play with them.  Kinda pitiful huh?

Meet Austin, the Cabbage Patch Kid. circa 1982ish (Zachary was hiding from me._

Cabbage Patch Kid quilt block, courtesy of Fandom in Stitches


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2 Responses to My sewing fingers are twitching!

  1. I’m so glad you like the pattern! It’s always fun to share something cute and happy! 🙂


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