Christmas in July

Old friends are the BEST, especially if they bring you presents!!!!

Here on the farm, we had Christmas today!! 

Big Boss called me yesterday with an urgent message.  “Be on alert.  It’s coming tomorrow.”  Ummmm, what’s coming, I inquired? 

“Well, you KNOW what will be here!  THE truck.”

“OK…. pause…pause…OH, THAT truck!?”

“Yep.  Get your camera ready.  Should be here around 10.”

Nothing like planning ahead.  And this from the man who wonders why in the world I insist that he pick up the pile of dirty sock before company arrives.   That, my dear, is planning ahead.

So when grandsons #1,2 and 5 rang the doorbell this morning at around 10, they announced that “IT’S HERE!”  To which I reacted by grabbing the camera, hustling them into their Gator and directing the oldest to drive us to the feedlot.  Post-haste.  I was already late.  And in trouble!?

Nah, no trouble.  The manager of the truck company was there with his brother, who went to school with BB, and they were having Old Home Week at the feedlot. 

I posed them for a pic or two, took a pic of the brand spankin’ new truck cab (before it gets dirty!) and snapped a few photos of the “little” boys by the truck.

The sun WAS bright.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING gets these guys’ blood pumping like a new feedtruck or a new tractor.  Absolutely nothing!!!  And well it should.  Big Boss spends around 6 hours a day in the feedtruck and it helps his attitude immensely if the truck works right.  And when it doesn’t work right, the world is going to you know where in a handbasket.  Fast.

He needed this new toy.  The old truck was spending more time in the repair shop than it was actually feeding cattle.  Of course with the drought, higher corn prices and falling cattle prices, the new feedtruck may be on eBay soon.  I hope not.  It’s so shiny and well…new. I love new stuff!  Smells good!

Oh looky! It still has the plastic on the seats!! And no ears of corn on the dash or cans of OFF, empty water bottles or sunflower seeds on the….all over.

As of yet, it hasn’t budged from the spot it sat at this morning when I was there.  Wonder if he’s planning on actually using it?!

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6 Responses to Christmas in July

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Wow….makes you really understand the high price of steaks and appreciate the folks who invest money in providing them! Thank you, Mr. Cattleman!!!! Enjoy your new toy(? – sounds like a necessity to me!)


  2. The Queen says:

    Ah HA!!!! You get it!!! It is a supreme necessity but because Big Boss loves what he does (for the last 32 years), he looks at it as a toy too. Brace yourself. The cattlemen of the country are all scratching their heads trying to figure out what they’re going to do…corn prices are going thru the roof, cattles praices are hitting bottom. Yikes!!!


  3. heartfelt says:

    How exciting! A new feed truck! I remember you and BB taking us to a truck and tractor sales yard in Feb. Was he thinking about this day even then? You both work so hard, you deserve reliable equipment. The Lord will provide what you need, Queenie! Thanks for working so hard to feed us.


  4. Suzann Coffey says:



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