The Drought of 2012 – What’s the Impact to Livestock Farmers?

While I’m waiting to board my plane, thought I’d share this with you. Although the blog is about a hog farm, it represents our operation also. This drought is going to set off a domino effect. Hang on!


This year has been very challenging for farmers and ranchers all over the United States.  Our farm is no different than the majority of farms, we are very, very dry and in need of lots of rain.  Kevin and I do not have a lot of row crop acres to farm but we did rent an extra 200 acres this year.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the best year to double your row crop acres.  We were able to purchase insurance for most of our crops but that alone will not help make our farm payment or equipment payment.

What worries us the most isn’t our own failing crops but the concern of what will we feed the cattle and hogs due to crop failures everywhere?  We can’t just stop feeding them.  Livestock, especially hogs, need row crop farmers to have successful crop years.  Cattle need pasture to graze…

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2 Responses to The Drought of 2012 – What’s the Impact to Livestock Farmers?

  1. Prue Batten says:

    Having had five years of drought a few years ago here in Australia, (there were farmers in our northern ends who had been in drought for all of a child’s lifetime, so that that child didn’t know what rain was, let alone flood) during which time we actually de-stocked our farm completely, I sympathise.

    We’ve just had three brilliant years but are heading into another dry El Nino, so our specialists tell us and we have just started reducing stock numbers as the cold begins to bite.

    Weather makes or breaks farming and feeding the world. No doubt.


  2. The Queen says:

    Boy are you right about the weather! I remember watching “Paw” on Little House battling a prairie fire and losing everything. I wondered how in the world you could recover from something like that. It just seemed he couldn’t win. But when you consider how small a part we play in God’s plan, it’s really not about winning…it’s about doing the best with what you’re given.

    I rejoice with you in your 3 good years! I love hearing GOOD news from other farmers.


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