Hitting the floor on a dead run


Can we help?

Yesterday’s post was done mostly on Monday while waiting for my takeoff from TN.  My trusty iPad heretofore (is that a word?) known as Wilma (can you hear Fred yelling, “WILLLLLMMMUUHH!!!!”) cooperates up to the point of media formatting.  After 13 attempts to move pic A to point A, I gave up, checked my spelling, vaguely considered grammar and saved the post. 

When I finally arrived in Wichita at 8:30 Mon. night and on time I might add, I sadly discovered that my luggage had not followed me to KS.  Ahem.  After a brief discussion with American Eagle agent #1, I hobbled to my hotel van guy who was waiting patiently for me.  Like an idiot and forever optimistic me, I had called the hotel as I headed for the luggage pickup place. The little metal railroad thingy went around 5 times before I gave up.  Well, actually a very nice lady came around to announce that if those of us who were staring at the thingy were waiting for luggage from Chicago, we were waiting in vain. That was all of the luggage.

After briefly considering a good cry, I decided I was indeed fortunate because I had packed all essentials (with the exception of deoderant…no, I don’t know why.) in my carry on and in the very fashionable Vera Bradley tote to end all tote bags.  I would survive.

Thus, I climbed into the hotel van confident that all would be well, apologized for keeping him waiting and discovered that my driver was from DiL #3’s hometown and her dad had been his VoAg teacher.  Small world!

My room was one welcome sight.  I was a tired woman.  A week of attempting to keep my cohort on track via Edna, my GPS bud had exhausted me, not to mention festival activities.  I checked Wilma for emails, alerted half the free world that I was safely ensconced in my room and took a phone call from a friend.  Then it was lights out.

Big Boss arrived the next morning with the daunting news that we had begun corn silage harvest.  Which meant I needed groceries as I am in charge of all food for this season.  Which meant we made a beeline to Sam’s, where we loaded up 3 carts with over $600 worth of items.  Which meant we needed to get home as fast as possible with aforementioned groceries, some of which were cold.  At checkout, American Eagle agent Dale called with the wonderful news that my luggage had arrived from Chicago. We sped to get it, sped out-of-town and screeched into the farm 3 hours later, detouring at our lodge where my uncle was going to stay while he helps with the harvest.  Fortuitously, I had cleaned the Lodge before my trip but the AC had to be fired up, water jugs installed into the dispenser and water turned on. BB made a note to remind me to haul water hose and sprinklers to the lodge later to water the crispy grass.  Duly noted.

We called for extra troops, 1 cowboy and 1 grandson, to help us unload groceries as fast as humanly possible, loading all 3 fridges to the limit.  I threw luggage into the bedroom and headed to the garden which was in remarkably great shape.  Picked squash, noted developing pumpkins, found some apple gourds setting on and turned the water on. 

With outside chores tended, I headed for my puter and re-arranged funky photos in post and published.  Whew!  Two days in the making/typing!

Today began with sorting, putting up, cleaning and answering the door bell and phone.  A lot. And coffee.  A lot of coffee. But relief personnel showed up at the front door in the form of 2 grandsons.  I put them to work, bagging up 10 sacks of super-sized bags of chips.  And I proceeded to slice up a whole ham and a turkey ham, make cookies to bag up later, then make 22 sandwiches.  Grands helped me put 11 lunch sacks together and with the aid of Cowboy #1, the lunches were delivered. 

And so, it has begun. 

I. Need. A. Vacation. But I have brownies to make before nightfall. I’m smiling.  Really I am. Smiling.  🙂

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9 Responses to Hitting the floor on a dead run

  1. RAFrenzy says:

    I’m glad you’re smiling! : D


  2. alfagetti says:

    Today I watered my house plants. I’m exhausted. :O


  3. grammyjj says:

    Perhaps if Edna had been in your luggage, it wouldn’t have been lost 🙂


  4. Suzann coffey says:

    I don’t see how you are still smiling. Sounds like work to me. AND COOKONG!


  5. heartfelt says:

    Phew! I’m tired just reading that! You’re amazing! So glad you had a good week and made it home in one piece.

    It was so nice to be able to picture it all as you described it (except for the visit to Sams’; we never went there). The airport, the drive, your lodge, your garden, that enormously long table in the lovely dining area, the children…I’m homesick! ; ) Tell me, Debbie, how is it that you’re in charge of all the food this harvest? I thought the girls had taken that over.


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