Sunbonnets for the Ingalls girls


This year, our ChristyFest group went to the Museum of the Appalachia and enjoyed many displays there! I had a hard time keeping Lucy out of this teensy little bath tub








and she couldn’t resist hamming it up in the local jailhouse. 









But their gift shop was wonderful!!  Handmade crafts all over PLUS the best food I’ve had in a while…Beef Pot Pie, fresh tomatoes, cornbread, Brocoli Casserole.  Big YUM!!  And then I happened on some bonnets…sunbonnets, made some local, all frilly and calico and vintage-looking.  I had one when I was a kid and my Grandma never worked outside without hers.  You wouldn’t believe the creamy complexion that lady had at age 60!!  But she protected it from the sun.  No sun-bathing for her.  She thought it was crazy to bake out under the hot-boiling sun if you didn’t have to.  Picking beans was one thing.  A tan was another.

So I couldn’t resist.  The granddaughters HAD to have them!  So, I purchased 5…just in case the next baby is a girl!  And you know what?  The sunbonnets were a hit!  See…they all, especially the little strawberry blonde 6 year old, adore Little House on the Prairie, so these bonnets were right up their alley! 

They all came over this afternoon with bonnets in tow, ready to play Little House!  There were some slight disagreements just who was going to be Maw and everyone wanted to be Laura and the littlest one didn’t want to be Carrie and then they decided they wanted to go to the Olson’s General Store.  All eyes rested upon me.  I told them I was NOT going to be Mrs. Olson under ANY circumstances!!  They said that was OK.  I could just be Mr. Olson.  How nice.   🙂 

They “bought” brownies off me and then proceeded to the Hunter’s Dining Room.  I had told them how my next-door neighbor and I had played under a picnic table when we were kids.  The table was our spaceship.  They thought that was an excellent idea except since they were “Laura and Company”, the 12′ dining table could be their cabin.  Hey.  Whatever  works!!

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4 Responses to Sunbonnets for the Ingalls girls

  1. servetus says:

    Love that they were homemade. I was at the LIW museum in Mansfield, MO a few years ago and bought bonnets for my friend Didion and myself — she has some stories from her childhood about pretending to be Laura herself (I was more Jo in Little Women) — and guess where they had been made? No, not China — but Lancaster, PA, lol.


  2. SWEET times four! Love them. 🙂 Now, who was the girl in the small tub?LOL


  3. alfagetti says:

    So cute! Great imaginations, too. 😉


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