The Sounds of Not So Silence

This is what I heard when I went outside to start my water sprinklers early this morning…


Yep, cattle shipping out. And if you listen really close, you can hear the birds, crickets and the sprinkler. We are noise-pollution free. Well, sorta. However, we are not a dust-free enterprise. The lack of rain really shows up when they guys start moving the cattle around! But don’t worry…our bureaucrats are on it. Proposals to make all farmers spray their dirt roads and fields with kazillions of gallons of water (no, they have no idea where the water will come from) are underway. What would we do without them I ask you?!!

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7 Responses to The Sounds of Not So Silence

  1. I love the sounds in the video– but the spray our dirt roads w/water proposal? LORD HAVE MERCY.


  2. The Queen says:

    Yep. Some congresswoman back east thinks dust is a nuisance…stirs up allergies and such. Never mind that it’s kind of a natural ocurance, kinda like mud. But hey that won’t stop some of the brilliant minds in DC from slapping yet another regulation on us. And, of course in an area that treasures every drop of the wet stuff.


  3. Myna says:

    Yes, I guess she must live where there is water! Good grief!


    • The Queen says:

      evidently the woman has never stepped a foot out of the city. Tsk, tsk.


      • The Queen says:

        To further explain…the bill (HR 1633 ) in 2011 was drawn up to stop the Washington Boys from passing some cockamammy (sp?) bill that would indeed harness us with Dust Regulations, believe it or not. There was quite a stir concerning the efforts to stop such a bill, since it hadn’t been passed yet. Good point. But the problem was that this isn’t the first time a Dust Bill has been pushed. In 2009, we stood in Senator Pat Robert’s Washington D.C. office as he told us about just such past efforts. We all just stood and shook our heads. His fear was that they wouldn’t give up on the issue. And they haven’t. They will be back.


  4. Kitty says:

    I should probably NEVER invite a Washington bureaucrat into my home. He/She would come up w/ some kind of regulation against my dust bunnies. . . or perhaps initiate a tax on my dust bunnies to pay for the water to reduce your dust. Oh, I am so rolling my eyes and shaking my head.


  5. The Queen says:

    LOL…dust bunnies exchanged for water! I am not making this up! Roberts was telling us this stuff and trying not to laugh. But then…they already regulate the water that we use in the fields and in the feedlot, along with the air quality (translates to cow farts), the water run-off, the pits that catch the run off, head per pen…oh heck, I could on and on. My blood pressure can’t take it!!


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